The Illuminati: God’s Kingdom of Poverty and Slavery?

The Illuminati: God’s Empire of Poverty and Slavery?
This article is for mature and serious minds only. If you clicked on this post expecting to see photoshop pictures of people drinking blood, having horns and wearing capes then please click away. This piece contains useful information for  people who are aware and awake.
The Purpose of this article is to expose the powers that enslave and impoverish us in the name of God. At the end of this article you should see why it is better to follow God and not Religion.
The Word ‘Illuminati’ will come up in this article more than once. But this is not a Conspiracy Theorist website; we use it because we could not find a better word with which to describe [them]. We recognize the fact that they cut across all sides of the Globe, and almost all Religious and Cultural Divides. We also believe that they are quite organized. We believe they are after one thing: Power. Let us look at them one after another.
Islam: The Religion of Peace
The Arab Royals who are the Paramounts of Islam are famous for the extravagant, lavish lifestyles they live. But what do they do to their followers?
They ruin their lives by making them foot soldiers in a never ending ‘holy war’. They call it a Jihad. Apparently, the objective of this Jihad is to impose the Sharia Law on the World. The names may be different: Alqaeda, Isis, Boko Haram and so on, but all these are arms of the same Organization with the same Ideology. Behind the different Names and Flags, they are fighting for the same thing: Conquest of foreign peoples and lands, and bringing them under Islamic rule. Logically, they must get their logistics, weapons, funding, and protection from the same Source.
In Africa they have succeeded in creating a humanitarian catastrophe! The media focus in recent times has been Nigeria where Tens of Thousands have been killed, and Hundreds of Thousands have become Refugees! They have abandoned farms and businesses to depend on handouts from humanitarian organizations while living in unsanitary conditions. Public outrage was sparked with the abduction of over 200 school girls, by Boko Haram Jihadists. What happens to these girls is too fearful to speculate. Lives are being ruined in the name of God.
Every town that falls to the Jihadists (Alqaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS) means that the domain of Islam is expanding.
* More people on the yearly Pilgrimages … Their tourism industry grows.
* More people buy their Religious and Indoctrinating Literature.
* More People buy their clothing and textile, including beauty products in an effort to look like them.
* Their Airlines Thrive
* Commerce Grows
One can visualize the Arab Royals popping Champagne as they receive the news of the expansion of their Empire. They are using God ‘Allah’ to enrich themselves, while killing many, and impoverishing more in the process.
The Illuminati does not exist only in Islam. They are everywhere in the west.
The Illuminati in Christianity
Traditionally, Rome is the home of Christianity and the seat of Authority in the Christian World. No doubt much of this power has waned as Protestant and/or Pentecostal churches have taken a share of the Populace.
Still, the situation is almost identical (less violent, yes but identical) to the enslavement in Islam.
The transfer of wealth from the People to the Clergy is unbridled, unchecked, even unbelievable.
There are too many avenues by which the people are relieved of their wealth. They pay a monthly fee consisting of Ten Percent of their Income. It is called a Tithe. They are also made to pay unspecified amounts of money at every church meeting- these are called Offerings.
There are an innumerable amount of Spiritual items which are sold to the laity. These include Candles, Crosses, Holy Water, Chaplets and Incense.
Bibles, Hymn books and other Literature are sold to the members at a profit.
The Modern Church also sells CDs which may be sermons or motivational messages, Dramas and Musicals. They also sell tickets to shows and concerts.
At the end of the day, without his knowledge, the poor Church member has forfeited more money than he can bear. The money is extracted with the instruction that ‘God Loves a Cheerful Giver,’ and that he will be rewarded for his generosity with an unexpected windfall of cash.
What is happening here is that they take ‘small’ from many unenlightened people, and with that they amass wealth with which to buy mansions and luxury jets.
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Winners and Losers
The Winners are the Rulers of Arabia, and the Church Leaders of Both Europe and America who own vast Empires lasting from generation to generation.
The Losers are the ordinary people like you and me. Particularly the People of the Black Nation who have been enslaved literally and figuratively.
As conquered nations pay taxes and Tribute to their colonial masters so is Africa milked of its wealth which goes abroad in the form of Tithes and Contributions to the Churches which often have their Headquarters abroad.
Every year, our people embark on Journeys to ‘Holy Lands’ in the Middle East. These pilgrimages cost a lot of money. Sometimes these journeys are funded by the governments of Africa- Governments who often have millions of malnourished children lacking the basic necessities of life. This is how far our madness has gone!
The biggest losers are those who lose their lives fighting for a Religious Ideology that does nothing for them.
By extension we all lose. Our communities suffer, and our people continue to be enslaved.
What Can We Do?
We should stop being fools. God does not drop money from the sky. We should save up our money and look for good investments to grow wealth.
We should stop Giving our money to Religious Institutions that are already too Rich.
Fight Religious Indoctrination that incites to violent behavior.
Invest in Education so that the next generation does not have to live as we do.
[Article End.]
Many People are Turning to Atheism. Do you Think they are Right?
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Ladies: This is How You Can get Him to Beg you for Marriage in a Few Weeks

hunting Mr. RightWhy He Has Not Proposed to Marry You
This article is only for those who are sure that they have found Mr. Right. As you may have noticed, however, finding Mr Right, and getting him to settle down are two different things. It is perhaps for this reason that some ladies, even after finding Mr. Right, still go ahead to marry Mr. Wrong, and then elect to endure whatever consequences may come with it.
But marriage should be enjoyed, not endured. First, it is a good Idea to be absolutely sure that you have landed the Right guy. And when you are very sure about that, we explore the reasons why  your Mr. Right may not be proposing soon, and What TO DO ABOUT IT.
1. Money:
This is the most common excuse among men. ‘I don’t have enough money,’ They keep saying. But how much is enough money? And when are they going to think they have enough of it to settle down?
The truth is that the issue is more psychological than physical. Men fear the future. They fear that they may not be able to cope with the expenses of running a family… Very reasonable, considering the escalating cost of living in most cities.
So are YOU an Expensive Wife?
What kind of phone do you use? How do you dress? What kind of cars do you like? Do you Club? How much do you like to Spend when you Party?
Is your Perfume collection worth more than his wardrobe? Do you spend more money on restaurants than he spends on groceries? Do your answers to the above questions indicate that you would make a great couple, and not fight over money management?
You don’t even need to own an expensive car or phone… You just need to desire these flashy things, and you just need to give a little hint that you like these nice things. That’s pretty much all it takes to give a man very cold feet as he starts to fear that he cannot give you the life that you deserve.
So What Do You Do?
It seems like you have two choices:
A. Only date very rich guys who can give you the things you want.
B. Stop liking nice things. Some would opt for pretending but…
Pretending is not an option because you may not do it very well, and in the end you may further complicate things.
If you decide to go with option 2 then you may be as vocal about it as you can without sounding desperate. Here are some tips:
* Tell him you have no need for material things, and that you are quite content with what you have. You can safely do this during a conversation, especially when he expresses his feelings of inadequacy.
* When you see him spending more than necessary, (men sometimes do this to impress women) tell him you think he has spent enough. Or that you can manage what you have.
* When you see an opportunity to support him, take it. You don’t have a lovely pink wallet for nothing do you? Or that pretty Credit Card is not useless, is it? By reaching for it every now and then you show that you can be an asset… Someone to rely on. Everybody needs someone like that in his life.
Money is not the only factor of importance in this matter, let us look at something more important:
2. Religion:
Religion is perhaps the biggest obstacle to love and marriage that exists in the world today. And that is quite stupid considering the fact that non of us have ever seen God or the Devil. Still, many relationships continue to crash and burn because of Religion. Either the guy believes that the girl will not accept him because of his religion, or the girl believes that the guy will not take her serious because of his religion.
Sad and serious as this may be, it is quite easy to solve. The girl can take care of this by doing the following.
* Make him know that you are not unduly attached to Religion. Say it. Let him hear it from time to time.
* Offer to go with him to his Religious functions from time to time. You could even consider making the permanent switch. That way, you eliminate the problem completely.
* Invite him to your religious events. Not with a view to forcefully convert him. He could run away.
Let us go on to the next factor. One that you entirely control.
3. Your Character:
A man can propose to a lady within weeks of meeting her. But something needs to happen first.
* He has to see in you the qualities that he is not used to seeing out there. He has to see a surprising amount of humility, gentleness, warmth and realness that makes him panic into action. He has to see that if he does not take action and wife you immediately he is going to lose the opportunity of a lifetime.
We have often stated that beauty is like aroma to food. It gets our attention and brings us to the table, but it is the taste- your character that keeps a man wanting more. Nobody keeps eating an overly salty meal just because it smells good… Nobody marries a woman because she knows how to apply eye shadows and lip stick.
You have to show yourself to be a friend, a partner, and a bloody good cook.
Of course we are not all born as perfect ladies, some of us have to learn to make ourselves into the attractive damsels that every guy wants. It can be compared to learning a new language- tricky, but very possible.
It is possible to get a man to PROPOSE AFTER SIX WEEKS OR LESS.
4. Housekeeping Skills
Men are dirty animals. But men may be the only dirty animals that appreciate clean and conducive environment! So it may be a good idea to learn how to keep your living environment clean and inviting. That does not mean only the Living and Bed-rooms, but also the kitchen and toilets. Dirty clothes should be neatly put aside, while laundry should be done routinely.
As a matter of fact I have never heard of a man who was able to resist a woman who did his laundry prudently. Maybe men have a natural need for laundry-women.
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6 Ugly Reasons Why Black Men Marry White Women

And How does this affect Black Women?
So you want to know why Black Men marry White Women? Are you just surprised to see the headline or are you genuinely curious as to this developing trend? Or maybe you are a woman wondering about the true intention of the man who has declared interest in you. Whatever your reason for clicking, you will not be disappointed. Here are seven reasons why Black men marry White women… And if you are able to read the post to the very end, we discuss how this development affects Black Women.
Also, not all the Reasons are Ugly. At least number 1 is not, but as for the rest, those may depend on your opinion.
Lets start counting.
1. Love.
Yes, Love. This is not some backward, hardcore racist blog; and so we believe that love is completely blind to color or ethnicity. Love may not be the number 1 reason why Black men marry White women, but we believe that it should be the only reason why anybody, of any race or creed should get married. If you find it abominable that people of different races should love and marry each other then this site is not for you. Please click away. Also, you belong to a bygone era, and the world would be a better place without you.
The next points in this piece, however are more prosaic in nature. That means they can be called ‘ulterior motives,’ and perhaps we should raise eyebrows at them. Read on.
2. Immigration
In order to get permanent residency in many western countries a lot of Black African men have to marry citizens of that country. Here is how it works: Man gets short Visa from his African country to Europe. Man needs to get papers in order to stay on in Europe, find work so that he can repay whatever loans he may have taken to finance his trip to Europe, and then send money to his family who are happy that one of their own has left Africa. Man makes consultations and is connected with a willing White woman. They get married. European government is forced to grant man his resident permit as not doing so would be trampling on the woman’s fundamental right to love and feel loved.
But not all Black men marry because of residence permits, some are born citizens of Europe or America. The next points talk about them.
3. Career Advancement
A talented and equally ambitious Black Man can marry to advance his career. She may be his employer’s daughter, or someone in his particular field of work who offers him an opportunity to climb the success ladder. There are even rare reports of men who break off relationships and engagements in order to marry heiresses and the like. This is not a perfect world.
4. Celebrity Madness
The phrase ‘celebrity madness’ was not picked lightly. It is very deliberate. Fame does things to a person that one may not be able to understand, or explain. How can one explain what happened to Michael Jackson? Who influenced his decision to get not one, but several nose jobs? When did he decide that he was better off turning into a White man, and marrying a White woman?
Celebrity handlers can sometimes prey on their clients- making them do crazy things in the name of growing their audience.
The list of Black celebrities that have married white women is quite long. For the sake of space and time we will only mention a few.
* Lionel Richie
* Kanye West
* John Legend
and so on…
5. Religion/ Philosophy
Even though the their number may not be statistically important, and even though Black Women abound in every major Religion, we must consider other (minor) religious/ philosophical/ spiritual movements. Black men have been known to enter into spiritual enlightenment groups that may not be popular with their female counterparts. As a result they may not be privileged to associate with as many Black Women as they want.
They may even feel that the Black Women they meet just do not understand them. Or that the women are not on the same level of consciousness as they are.
They may then meet White Women at a temple or lodge, and just fall in love. This is non of our business!
The next point is my personal favorite.
6. The Law of Attraction!
Borders and Barriers are fast becoming obsolete in this world in which people are increasing brought together by ideals as against geographical location. An example is a British woman named Mary Slessor who nearly a hundred years ago left her native country to serve as a missionary in Calabar, South-Eastern Nigeria. She is famed for stopping the killing of twin babies in the Region. Mary Slessor lived and died in Calabar, adopting many children. If she had not been a missionary, surely she would have married.
No doubt there are countless European women doing some humanitarian or naturalist  work in Africa. From the Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) to the ‘Feed the Hungry African Kids Foundation’- Such Conscious Souls abound. These people have grown beyond hate or racial bias and once they feel connected there is nothing to stop them from marrying anybody they like.

6 Reasons Why Black People are Turning to Atheism

How Does this Affect Black Women?
Black women are complaining that White Women are ‘stealing the best picks among the young eligible Black Bachelors’. That is exactly as in was put in a Forum on Facebook where this writer was once a member.
To be honest it seems they have a point. Many Black women are in abusive relationships, or in relationships with men who are just not responsible. Of course they have the right to dream about one day meeting a rich and famous Black man who will give them a life of luxury and enjoyment. But then they have to wake up to the reality that Kanye West and John Legend have both been taken by White Women.
What is to be done? This writer does not know! You may please share your views and ideas in the comments section.
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6 Things Black People do Like Champions

6 Things Black People do Like Champions


And How We Can Prosper From Them


Pornography and Drugs are not the only things that Black people can do. This article looks at some of the good, or positive things that Black people excel at, and how this knowledge can be used to improve the lot of the Black community.




Many of these are in the entertainment industry but for the sake of simplicity they will be broken down as much as possible.


  1. Comedy


Stand up comedy is our thing. From Bill Cosby to Basket Mouth, there is an un-sung Comedy Industry in full swing all across the International Black Community. The volume and Audience of this industry is on the rise (as shown by the Sold Out Shows) and the future of this industry is bright. (more young talent are being produced/ discovered every year)


We can benefit from this by staying true to ourselves and supporting the ‘real’ Black comedians. The sad reality is that ‘reality shows’ or ‘talent hunt’ shows only exist to make a mockery of us. The gainers are the big brands that sponsor the shows and that make huge profits off the entrants.


  1. Sports


Particularly Basketball and American Football have produced legendary athletes like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Lebron James. (that should be the proper order) The good news is that more stars continue to be discovered every year.


The Black community is also producing champions in Soccer, Boxing, Running, and weight-lifting.


If some of these athletes could learn to give back to society (race is no object here) then surely the world would be a better place.


  1. Music


May God bless Michael Jackson! That man was indeed a force of Nature… That man was a God! The younger generation does not know how many doors he opened for them. They do not know that they now reap the fruits of his work as they follow the trail he blazed to fame.


He was a giver. He gave generously to those who needed help, regardless of race or nationality. In my modest estimation it only takes 3 Michael Jacksons to make this world a Paradise!


If Michael Jackson was a god, however, what we have in music today are devils. Rappers who literally have nothing to offer except Violence, Sex and Drugs; and who live in reckless abandon of stupid impunity have taken over the stage. They are a cancer! They poison the young ones with the images they portray. The sad truth is that most young people, acting under their influence, fall victim to the cycle of Drug use, violence/ gangster(ism), jail, and oblivion… That is if they do not get a few girls pregnant first! Theses girls could then have kids who go on to repeat the vicious cycle.




  1. Acting


The Movie industry is one sector in which Black people have excelled. Stars like Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith have done us proud. Some of them even live the lives of Role Models, and Father Figures, worthy of emulation by the youth.



We even have our own popular culture; our own entertainment channels, Afro centric sitcoms, and dramas that cater to our specific audience. The market continues to grow.


The future is very bright, as many fresh faces are being introduced everyday. Hopefully, these too will become stars, and reduce the number of poor Black People.


  1. Writing


Anybody who has ever read Sunset at Dawn by Chukwuemeka Ike will marvel at the height of creativity that makes it possible to produce such a work of wit and humor from a war story- a story of death, starvation, and constant terror. That book is the inspiration that drove the writer to produce Bomber Boy: Rise of the Underwear Bomber by Ike Pius.


These are just a few examples of the rich and boundless literary talent to be found in Africa and in Africans of the Diaspora.


African authors should teach the young ones, and mentor them so as to groom the next generation of writers that have a story to tell.


  1. Preaching


Black people can preach for Africa! If Jesus Christ had come to Africa instead of to Jerusalem, and to the Jews, surely he would be proud!


Black Preachers have even accumulated wealth to a level that rivals some people on the Forbes list, and they live more luxurious lifestyles than the Arab Royals.


Wealth is not a bad thing. It is just evil when it is surrounded by abject poverty- and it does nothing to help. Is there a solution?


Churches should build Community Schools. Not those private schools that their own tithe paying members cannot afford to go to. Churches school build leaders within their host communities through scholarship and mentorship programs.


Black Pastors should give some of their money to the poor. Greed is becoming a Christian Virtue.


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6 Kinds of People that are Making Big Money From Terrorism

6 Kinds of People that are Making Big Money From Terrorism


Think September Eleven was a terrible day? Well, that’s probably because you are not one of those people that have made, and continue to make a fortune from this phenomenon which has wrongly been called ‘terrorism.’


In this article we take a look at some of the classes of people who have effectively turned terrorism into a cash printing machine.


  1. The Media:


Do you remember how CNN started scrolling news headlines at the bottom of your television screens immediately after September 11? Do you think they did it by accident? No, they did not! That brilliant piece of innovation was in response to a high demand for news updates. People were in a frenzy and CNN not only fed from the mass hysteria, but fueled it with a constant feed of sensational headlines.


Almost every other news outlet; Television Stations, Radio Stations, News Papers, and Websites all profited from September 11, through increased circulation, audience engagement and higher ratings and advertising.


  1. Security Contractors


They have made a sinful amount of money by selling outlandish security systems to terrified governments. These devices range from metal detectors to full body scanners.


They are usually sited at public buildings which are considered likely targets for terror attacks. Such buildings include banks, court houses and airports.


  1. Defense Contractors


After September 11 the U.S government adopted a policy of taking the fight to the terrorist’s doorstep. No doubt this policy was propounded by the military hardware suppliers who made a lot of dirty money by supplying tools of destruction in what has proven to be a tragic waste of lives on all sides.


These Contractors also procured weapons for the police and other emergency response agencies. The weapons are military grade, and are supposed to be used in the event of terror attacks. However, they have mostly been used to fight against civil movements like the Black Lives Matter movement, who have protested the killings of unarmed Black men like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin by security agencies.


  1. Politicians


If you are going to spend Billions of Dollars on a senseless ‘war against terror’ then you are going to need to do a lot of lobbying to get the needed support. Defense and Security contractors paid lots of politicians to support the government in its wars. This kind of money is not usually easy to trace, however, and even if it were traced it would be difficult to prosecute anybody because of it. Dick Cheney comes to mind.


  1. Oil Companies


The War Against Terror was basically fought on oil rich ground. American oil production companies, as well as oil servicing companies have made Billions of Dollars in Iraq. They have September 11 to thank for it, because even though there is no evidence connecting the government of Iraq to the terror attacks, and even though no traces of Weapons of Mass Destruction were found there, plenty of oil was found in Iraq… And the U.S oil industry was quickly invited to loot its share of the spoils of war. Halliburton comes to mind.


  1. Conspiracy Theorists.


Even though some of the allegations made by conspiracy theorists are rational and intelligent, and even though they have not been funded with what we call ‘dirty money,’ conspiracy theorists have built web empires on the foundation of terrorism -particularly September 11.


Did you know that the Establishment has been working to keep you and I ignorant and Stupid?

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You Have to Read this Before you do ANY Gambling

‘Nearly Doesn’t Get You Paid’
Did you hear about the guy who won a Million Dollars on the lottery? What about the one who won 20 million Naira on Sports-Betting? Did you SEE them with your own eyes? It is important to ask because those stories are probably false! If you try to investigate you may never actually see the winners. They are always ‘a friend of a friend who lives in another city.’ The illusion is so well packaged that in our greed, in our rush to make quick money we fail to see the real winners in this scam-the owners of the gambling companies/ betting sites!
Type the word ‘bet’ into your google search, or your favorite search engine. You will be bombarded with so many results… so many websites calling out for your attention! These websites offer various options; from horse racing to sports betting, and from card games to picking random numbers. Do you think they are doing this for fun? Well, you better grow yourself a brain and know that they are doing it for profit. Good profit. Immense profit.
And where do you think they are getting the profit from? From people like you! For every winner ( yeah right ) there are probably hundreds of  thousands of losers!
Do you have any idea the amount of money people stake- and lose on these betting sites everyday? Surely, in the region of millions of Dollars! But why do most people lose instead of win?
The system is rigged! Your chances of dying on the way to playing the lottery exceed your chances of winning the lottery! Match-fixing makes it extremely difficult to correctly predict the outcome of a football match… Making it even more difficult to win money by predicting the outcome of a set of football matches.
Furthermore, Lottery algorithms can be altered  as easily as they are written so just when you think you  have got the code and can predict the winning numbers, expect it to be changed!
And why do People go Back to Play Again After Losing?
Let us consider 3 Reasons
1. People tend to want to take ‘revenge’ on the Lottery after making a loss. They may be encouraged by believing that their losses were ‘near-misses.’ That is to say the results were similar to their predictions. But nearly doesn’t get you paid.
2. Greed: A greedy person wants to make a lot of money by risking a very small amount of money. So the brokers give events with impossible odds with the knowledge that the probability of those events happening are probably next to nothing.
3. Addiction: A person can fall prey to gambling addiction. This is fueled by the adrenaline rush that comes with the hope of making quick money. The emotions take over. So even when there are losses, the player continues to play again and again to gain that excitement… That High.
So instead of going out there and staking your hard-earned money on the outcome of events that YOU DO NOT CONTROL why not use that money to buy a loaf of bread, take your girlfriend out, or donate to charity?
Doing so will break the chains, and free you from enslavement to Lottery Owners. (Read the Book of Freedom)
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                                           No Longer Fools        The Book of Freedom
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When I Went to Hell

‘As I started to wonder what WHITE-ROBED CHURCH PRIESTS were doing here, I heard a voice behind me say ‘sons of vipers.”

What you are about to read is real. If you are one of those people who have no belief in anything whatsoever, then perhaps you have read far enough. There just is no reason to read any further because you will dismiss this as “fiction”, “fancy”, or “imagination”. It is none of those. This is a brief summary of what I have seen and heard during my stay in hell.

Hell is a world of great suffering. It is a world in which people are trapped, and cannot escape from. They wish to die but wishes are never granted here. This world of great torment is not easy to describe but I shall try. My words may not be beautiful, but perhaps fine writing will lighten the message.

Biafra, Nov. 1969 Medical clinic in Mabaitoti - Owerri.

There are souls that appear as little children. They are Black like me, naked, thin as bones, and shabby looking. These little children are on top of what looks like a huge refuse dump. The dump stretches as high and far as the eyes can see. How there came to be a refuse dump in hell is uncertain to me but my guess is that disused items from heaven are thrown here. Anyway, the children, naked as they are, search the refuse dump for whatever they can put in their mouths. I see some of them lying down-gradually succumbing to their hunger.

Suddenly, I am transported to another part of this world called hell. I do not know how I am transported, but I know that I have been, because the ground, the clouds, and the landmarks all look different. The people-both male and female-all dress in what one could call gowns or robes. The women cover their hair with large scarves. I wonder who they are and where they are from. Suddenly a voice says “these are the people from the lands in the middle of the east. They have been driven from their place by the terrible beast.” I turn around, there is nobody behind me. Just as I begin to hope I do not encounter the terrible beast, thick flames in the distance catch my attention. I begin to leave the people behind, and walk in the direction of the flames. I find an elevated spot from where I gaze and try to comprehend what lies before my eyes. It looks like an oil field that has been gutted by fire. I begin to think that the terrible beast must want oil, maybe just to set it alight. This is after all hell.


I return to look at the people who used to stay at the oil fields-to see how they are coping. They are not. Most of them look like they are sick and dying. Overcome by hunger and sickness as they are, I sense a silent dejection in them. They do not weep (why weep when there is nobody to console you?) and they do not complain. (Why complain when nobody will listen?) I see children clinging to mothers who have nothing to offer them. In one woman’s eyes, I see a look that can only be seen in hell. I begin to tremble. ‘Oh God, take me away from here’, I say. But as I catch myself, I laugh; how can you pray to God in hell?

(Read The Book of Freedom)

Night falls and I find myself in what looks like a big city. There are lights of different colors shining all over the place. There is also music-lots of it-coming from all corners of the place. I wonder how there can be music in hell, but as I look closer, I see that nobody dances or even pays any attention to the music. The people just move slowly, with their heads bowed and their faces gloomy, along the broad road.

I notice that it is not everybody that moves along; there are figures standing partly in the shadows, close to the buildings, and in the street corners. I decide to investigate. I see two people standing in a particular spot, and I approach them. As I suspected, they are women-well, almost. Even as they have all the physical features of women, one can see that they are children. Too young to be called women, and too young to be standing at street corners. Instead of love and care these girls are thrown to the streets to be used and abused. What suffering! One of them smiles at me. But her smile almost brings me to tears. I know that the smile is only a mask with which she hides the pain she really feels. I shake my head. Now, I too am overcome by gloom. I bow my head, and follow the crowd, even though I know not where they are going.

We must have been walking for hours because the darkness is starting to fade away. Soon, that terrible heat will overtake us again. The crowd stops and so do I. I follow their gaze and behold a raised platform on which a group of men stand. These men are not hungry looking people; they are dressed in bright colored robes and their faces shine like stars. I conclude that they must be angels of light. But as I begin to wonder what angels of light are doing here, the voice speaks again: “sons of vipers.”

On the platform, one of the sons of vipers steps forward and begins to address us.
“You will go to hell if you do not change your ways”, he says.
I am deeply troubled. Another hell, different from this one? Surely, it is wickedness to prepare another hell for all these starving, suffering people to go to. Does this man come to torment our minds as the suffering torments our bodies? I watch as the people move forward. They are putting things into a big black box just at the foot of the platform. I notice that the sons of vipers approve of this; they are nodding their heads in agreement. I must see what is in that box.

Against the flow of traffic, I push and shove my way towards the platform. Finally, I reach the box. What manner of trickery is this?! The box is filled with jewelry of gold and silver. And given by these suffering masses!

The leader of the sons of vipers has noticed me. He is staring with a terrible look on his face. His eyes gleam with fire and brimstone. I must get away before he stabs me with a pitchfork.

I wake up! I roll down from my comfortable bed to thank god that it was all a dream. But how do you pray to god when you are in hell?

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