Imagine not having a roof over your head. Imagine having to carry all your belongings in a bag with you everywhere you go. Imagine having to sleep in a public place, with nothing but a mat, and having to use your shoes as a pillow. Imagine having a child with you in this situation, and not being able to afford soap, diapers, toilet paper and other basic luxuries of life.

Your imagination is some people’s reality! Many live today without decent food, clean drinking water, warm lodgings, or HOPE for a better tomorrow. How did this come about? Is there something you ( or I) can do to help? Read further down to find out!

Efforts to end Poverty

Socialism and/or Communism are sociopolitical systems brought forward by higher minds as Karl Marx, Albert Einstein and Freidrich Engels. They theorize a system in which all citizens are equal, all lands and factories are state owned, and the products are apportioned to the people ‘each one according to his need.’ Naturally, because these systems provided an almost completely equitable distribution of resources, the weak were well looked after.

Sadly, even in Socialist countries, some began to resent having to work to take care of the weak;, saying that the provisions made for them had made them lazy and disinclined to work. Surely, there must have been some truth in that; There must have been those who said ‘hell, why do I need to work when the government takes good care of me?’ So maybe those who rejected Socialism had a valid argument.

Let us now consider a system with More popularity in the West, and till date more acceptance in many countries around the world.

Capitalism-the American Dream

The American Dream-the dream of a place where anyone willing to work hard could become prosperous. Around the world, many nations adopted the policies-democracy, free enterprise, and free trade-that made the United States rich. But not all countries could replicate the American Dream because north American wealth resulted not just from its economic system but from its great abundance of natural resources.

In addition, the American economic system produces not just winners who prosper (mostly White People), but losers who suffer(mostly us Blacks). While many American Bankers and Businessmen make Forbes Level wealth, they ride on the backs of millions of Slave Wage workers who suffer lack and deprivation, almost as bad as people in Third World Countries. The Business Owners refuse to pay more, to provide better working conditions, or even to accept Government policies that could better the lives of their workers. They must be thinking: ‘ what’s the point of being rich if you don’t have some poor people to push around?’ or ‘if we pay them more then they will save up and open businesses of their own. Who will work for us then?’

At the end of the day, one word resonates: GREED.

Still, the American Idea has being peddled, propagated, and even enforced in other lands with fervor. Let us consider how and why this has been done in the following paragraphs.

The Marshall Plan to End Poverty

After World War 2, Europe was devastated and many countries were threatened by starvation. The U.S government was concerned about the popularity of Socialism in Europe. So for four years, it gave vast sums of money to restore industry and agriculture in those countries that would accept U.S. Policies. This European Recovery Program, known as the Marshall Plan, was considered a success. In Western Europe, American influence increased, and life-threatening poverty became rare. Did that mean that Poverty had been defeated in our World?

Foreign Aid-How Effective

Despite the huge amounts of money spent by the governments of America and Britain, and by the United Nations through its agencies, have you noticed that many Third World Countries continue to live in squalor and subhuman privation? Have you ever asked yourself ‘where does all that money go?’ Well, this is often because Foreign Aid is easy to steal! The officials in those countries must say ‘hey man, look at all this cash! I say we steal it. Next year the U.N will just bring more!’ And so they steal it, buy fancy cars and fine women, and wait for the U.N to bring in more cash. With their GREED they continue the Cycle of Poverty which we discuss in the next paragraph.

The Cycle of Poverty

Even when all the money does not get stolen, the Cycle of Poverty is not easily broken. This is because Poverty gives birth to more Poverty. Disease causes Poverty, and Poverty Causes Disease. Malnourished children can be so weak physically and mentally that they cannot take care of their own children- who in turn will be poor.

Rich countries often export their produce to other countries who lack the capacity to produce said items on a level that will compete with the rich countries. That means the death of industries and the loss of jobs, which in turn mean the creation of more poverty.

When the countries become so poor that they cannot afford to pay for food items anymore the U.S sends them Food Aid. This food aid means that many are saved from the threat of immediate starvation, but at the cost of a terrible loss of business for local farmers. When the farmers are out of business and the agriculture of that country goes completely kaput, then the Cycle of Poverty has taken a firm hold. The people become mad with hunger and take up (American/European-made) arms. Many welcome a revolution, and that ugly word which we all hate to mention comes up: WAR!

And so the people go to war, not just to kill each other, but to destroy whatever infrastructure may be left standing. And there you have it.. The cycle continues! More Poverty is born even before the existing one has had a chance to die.

So you see; the U.S is not really interested in the growth and development of the Third World Countries. Food and Monetary aid only serve to advance American interests, and open up more markets to American Corporations. Food and Monetary aid can be described as a great Mouse Trap. Like little mice drawn out by a sweet smell, they wiggle their noses with excitement at the prospect of filling their stomachs, and then just when these countries are savoring the taste of perfectly sweetened American food, the Trap snaps shut, and crushes the life out of African economies while the people squeal in pain!

This is a list of the world’s poorest countries as published on infoplease (DOT COM)- a popular information website, The list references ‘United Nation’s 2011 Human Development Report and reflect the countries with the lowest human development.’

  1. Congo (Democratic Republic of the)
  2. Niger
  3. Burundi
  4. Mozambique
  5. Chad
  6. Liberia
  7. Burkina Faso
  8. Sierra Leone
  9. Central African Republic
  10. Guinea


But now let us take our minds back to America, and why there is poverty in such a wealthy country.

In a recent debate with some American citizens of Caucasian ethnicity (A.K.A White People) via my twitter handle -@ikepius- on the subject of poverty, it was said that poverty in America is almost restricted to the African American ethnicity, and that ‘Blacks just don’t want to work.’ Instead they ‘prefer to live on welfare.’ I made a defense by asking a series of questions. I repeat same questions here with the hope of bringing a similar effect as the first time. The questions follow below.

‘Is it possible that too many young Black people suffer from prejudice, and are therefore unable to find employment? Is it possible that this stereotypical prejudice is encouraged by the police who seem to arrest and harass Black people, helping to make them unemployable? Is ‘The System’ designed to keep Black people in the World of Crime? Are WE forced by powerful forces to live as gangsters and thugs, without any hope of redemption?’

If the above mentioned ‘excuses’ are even remotely cogent then you can do your part by not being racist. If you are employed in Law Enforcement then please do not target the weak and vulnerable either for sport, or for a quick promotion. If you are a business owner then please give SINCERE Black People a chance to earn a decent living. If you work in the Electronic, Print, or Social Media () do not produce derisive materials that could influence others to give in to Prejudice, to Greed, or to any other evil volition.

I welcome your thoughts!

Are you interested in eradicating poverty? Do you have any ideas to contribute towards the fight against poverty? Please contact the Author via twitter, through




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Author Interview with Ike Pius

Source: Author Interview with Ike Pius

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How to be Gay

How to be Gay .

Yes, you read that right! This article is a step by step guide to transform your personality from what is has been shaped into by Society. After you read and apply the information contained in this short piece you will become gay. Yes, with the benefit of hindsight this article should probably be titled: ‘How to be Awesome.’

Some may wonder what the word awesome has to do with the subject. Well, let the world be informed that according to The Urban Dictionary the word ‘gay’ is defined as “light-hearted and carefree.”

Surely you agree that in this world of strife, hate and violence we should be happy to have the few who refuse to discriminate against anyone based on the colour of his skin, his religious beliefs, his sexual orientation- or his lack of it, or even his political position. Such sages deserve as much reverence as the sages of old, you know, like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Confucius and Zoroaster- people who were truly gay in the pure sense of the word, and not just gay with their disciples- they were gay with the world.

But how can you be Gay? .

Easy! Just put aside all tendencies to discriminate against others. Reject all influence from your immediate environment as well as from the media to take part in any social withhunt against any section of society. Do not hate Black People because they are Black, Do not Hate Gay People because they are Gay, and do not allow your mind to be beaten into submission such that people who practice a different religion from what you believe immediately become your enemies.

Be TOLERANT, be CAREFREE, LOVE your neighbor as you love your self. Spread love, not hate, educate at least one person (you may show them this article) to bring them over to the light.

The World Needs More Gay People .

If George Bush had been Gay, surely he would not have wasted nearly 1 million lives (including women and children) in the mindless invasion of Iraq. No Gay person in his right sense of Gayness would do such a thing. Only a mad man would set an entire region ablaze under the guise of finding weapons that he knew did not exist. As Donald Trump famously remarked: ‘the last thing we need is another Bush.’

We need more lovers not more fighters. We need to chant the slogan ‘Love is Love’ all over the world. We need to organize rallies in every major city in the world displaying the rainbow banner and waving the rainbow flag. We need to have Gay holidays and Gay Colonies, maybe even have a Gay Pope.

The powerful One Percent and their cronies cannot be allowed to drag us all back to the Dark Ages. Countries such as Nigeria and Saudi Arabia are already said to be burning Gay People.

You Can Make a Difference .

Join the movement today. Spread the word. Show somebody this article and help them come to the light.

Join the author on twitter @ikepius

Download our Lovers Manual and Gift a copy to a friend through this link

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Interview of Osama Bin Laden

The following interview of Osama Bin Laden does not represent the opinion of onelovespace.

The following is an interview of Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden.
This interview was done by the Associated Press (AP) in collaboration
with the Al-Qaeda Journalism Agency (Al Jazaria).

After evaluating this interview it was decided that the sensitive
information contain herein should be censored. As a result it
was branded ‘classified,’ and removed from the media database. By a
stroke of ingenuity, however, it has been discovered, and published.

INTERVIEWER: I want to start by thanking you for giving us this
opportunity to speak with you, Mr. Bin Laden. We realize that it takes
a great deal of trust on your part to even consider sitting with
people from the West.

Bin Laden: I also want to thank you for coming. I know that the
western media has done a lot to demonize me. They must have told you
that I am a mad-man with bombs, and would blow you up just for the fun
of it. As you can see that is not the case. We are sane men fighting a
just Cause. This is a war that must be fought! I only ask that you do
not go back to your offices and edit this interview so as to make me
look bad.

INTERVIEWER: You have my word Mr. Bin Laden. This interview will be
published exactly as done here.

Bin Laden: Very well, thank you.

INTERVIEWER: Peace, Mr. Bin Laden. Before I ask about your grievances
I want to ask if you have any preconditions for peace. I personally
want to see an end to the violence. I ask now, Mr. Bin Laden: will you
negotiate peace terms?

Bin Laden: The American government is led by a dishonourable family.
George Bush ripped off my uncle to the tune of $7,000,000 during
operations of the company they founded; Arbusto Energy. Not only did
he take me uncle’s money, he killed me uncle in a plane crash! So you
see, those people cannot be trusted. Our only option is to kill them

INTERVIEWER: You had business connections with the Bush family? I did
not know that!

Bin Laden: Well, you would have if you had done your job and checked
the facts instead of being a lazy ass, pencil pushing, internet
surfing moron!

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Arbusto Energy. Once I get to the office I am going
to google it. Erm, I mean I am going to do some research on it.

Bin Laden: Okay, good.

INTERVIEWER: Now if you don’t mind, Mr. Bin Laden, I would like to
talk about 9/11. Almost 3000 people died that day.

Bin Laden: Those were casualties of war. Every war has casualties.
This is a Holy War, a Jihad. Do the lives of the good men we have lost
not count?

INTERVIEWER: A Holy War? But I thought you said your grievances were
because of what happened with Arbusto Energy.

Bin Laden: Well, something has to trigger the bloody war innit?!

INTERVIEWER : So you are saying that Arbusto Energy is the trigger?

Bin Laden: And don’t forget that there are so many Arbusto Energy’s out
there right now. I mean there are so many Westerners ripping off
Arabs, exploiting Arab wealth and running home with all the money.
Guys like George Bush think that they are smarter than guys like me.
But they are wrong. I’ll show them!!

NTERVIEWER: Now, please tell us about life as a Jihadist.

Osama Bin Laden: Not easy. This is a life where we have to give up even the small pleasures of normal life, live in caves, and face constant danger. In our world your gun is your best friend. See this boy *brandishes his AK 47* This weapon has been with me since the Russian invasion. It has had five new stocks, three new triggers, a few hand-grips, and I can’t remember how many cartridges.

INTERVIEWER: How is the same gun then?

Osama Bin Laden: It’s right here in front of you. Do you want to do a DNA test on it?

INTERVIEWER: Honestly, what do you think are your chances of winning this war?

Osama Bin Laden: I read that David killed Goliath. I don’t know what idiot wrote that because this Goliath has proven difficult to kill… But even if we don’t win we die as heroes! We leave a legacy for our children never to succumb to the white man. Never to let their freedom, their religion, their dignity be stripped from them. That is a victory in itself!

INTERVIEWER: It has been wonderful speaking with you Mr. Bin Laden.
This interview has been very revealing.

Bin Laden: Oh thanks! My pleasure! Now I need a drink. Oi! We still
got any of that beer left?!

INTERVIEWER: So you drink?

Bin Laden: I thought you said the interview was over!

What you have just read is a PARODY. Don’t come running to me that you
quoted this material and got arrested or even killed by the FBI.
Please check out my book Bomber Boy: Rise of The Underwear Bomber. Follow
the link. Have fun reading about bombs!

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bomber boy

‘All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.’ That was a submission made on a social network forum involving participants from America, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom. There is a gradual anti-Muslim mindset being built up by many innocent and peace-loving members of the general public. Newscast by newscast, the media is fanning the flame of odium against the general Muslim society. But are they correct in doing so? Is Islam the enemy? Is Islam the problem with the world?

As the submission quoted at the beginning of this article might rightly imply, the terrorists of the world seem to be Muslims. The September 11 attacks, in which an estimated 3000 lives were lost, are usually sited as a rallying point, to rouse the populace against the ‘common enemy’. True, those attacks were carried out by Muslims. The Al-Qaeda Terrorist Network, along with other Jihadists movements such as Hamas and others have a strong following particularly among the young. These Jihadists are seen as authorities, dishing out statements, warnings, and in some cases punishment against sinners.
However, Jihadists make up less than ten percent (1%) of the entire Muslim population. This is a fact that has been downplayed, or ignored out rightly by almost all western media agencies. Most Muslims are peaceful people who just want to be left alone to follow their laws, customs, and traditions.

It not particularly shocking that the majority of Muslims, who are peaceful, are ignored, while the focus is in put on the tiny minority who bear arms and fight. Even on the internet, and other media sources, very little is heard about the peaceful Muslims. Whether this is a deliberate manipulation of the internet search engines remains unclear at this point.

One will do himself a great good by checking the following websites:

A diligent search will reveal more.

The people of Muslim lands are often derided for their way of life (dressing in particular). On several forums on the internet, one may find calls for reforms in Islam. One participant even said that ‘Islam should follow the steps of the Catholic Church and effect some reforms’. That is very faulty thinking. Imposing a foreign dress code on the people of the Middle East and North Africa is very much like telling the Japanese that Kimonos are outdated, or the Chinese that they must abandon their traditional ways, such as their food, martial arts, and their dressing. At most, this reeks of imperialism, and a demonstration of an utter lack of respect for these peoples.

The Forbidden Question

If all of the estimated 1,619,314,000 Muslims in the world were indeed violent would we not see far more than the one major bombing very three years? Is not clear, therefore, that the vast majority of Muslims are at least as peaceful as the rest of us?
Why then are we brainwashed into a blind hatred for the people of Islam? It appears that there is a deliberate attempt by the people who control the media- and internet as well-to hypnotize the populace into a state of unreasoning, obsessive paranoia.

Gradually, we are descending into a New Nazi state. Patriotism is growing into nationalism. Nationalism will soon produce fascism. If this is left unchecked, then soon there will be another Holocaust! It is what must happen unless we as a people retrace our steps. And now, before it is too late!

The people who run the media have already done so much damage that it will take a miracle to erase completely the picture of bomb wielding enemies whenever we see Muslims.

A way Out

Some Muslims may be diehard anti western fanatics who hide behind the turban of religion to carry out carnage and destruction. It may be an insatiable blood lust or a wrong belief that the bloodshed is somehow pleasing to God.

Others may believe that they have very authentic reasons to take up armed struggle against the west. Oppressed people will always find a way to gain liberation. Liberty is a basic instinct in man. ‘All men naturally love freedom and hate servitude’- Gaius Julius Caesar.
The reasonable way out, therefore, will be a round table during which they would present their grievances. It is not compulsory, it is necessary. We must either find a way to amicably settle our differences, or we must continue to kill each other, forever and ever! There is no other way!

A later article will be titled The Nazis of Today, and the Coming Holocaust

Freedom of Speech: Are the September 11 attacks justified? Terrorism: Care to Know The Truth?

The war on drugs: Has the American Government been telling the Truth? Should Cocaine be Legalized?

From the writer’s desk:

300 passengers. One plane. One bomb. One switch.

Welcome to the fast moving world of advanced terrorism where Jihadists in Oman or Afghanistan can blow up buses, trains, and planes in New York, Madrid, or London-without even going there.

This is not the world of the future; it is our world as it is!

A world unpredictable, unforgiving, and deadly!


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Some have called it a war on Islam. Others have said that it is a sign of American imperialism, and a will to dominate the people of the Middle East. What is it? It is the rumored American preparation for war against the Republic of Iran.
The media is saturated with reports of the Iranian government secretly developing nuclear weapons. The Iranian government has consistently denied these claims, challenging that they be proven, while maintaining that its intentions for developing nuclear technology are to meet its growing energy needs.
Nuclear technology is a closely guarded branch of science. This is because of the devastating effects it can produce. Examples are given below.

1. On the 6th and 9th of August 1945, the deployment of Atomic bombs, only two of which were used on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagatasuikye work, forced the Japanese government to surrender, effectively ending the needless prolongation of World War II.
The death toll is estimated at over 180,000. An extensive area of land was also flattened, requiring billions of dollars to rebuild.

2. The Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Disaster is another point of reference to the devastating power of nuclear technology. The Chernobyl nuclear plant was a peaceful project developed and run by the Ukrainian government (then a part of the Soviet Union).
When the accident occurred, large quantities of radio active particles were released into the atmosphere, killing about 4000 people. Many more deformities and illnesses are still attributed to that disaster.

3. Nuclear Waste is costly to store, and difficult to dispose. Even countries with very good capacity to use nuclear technology have not found effective methods of dealing with nuclear waste.

Conspiracies and Theories

Even as the Iranian government has repeatedly denied developing nuclear weapons (Iran has signed documents agreeing not to develop nuclear weapons, and has led the call to keep the Middle East nuclear weapons free) theories abound which claim to explain the motives for the expected invasion.
1. The American government invaded Iraq after claiming it had received intelligence reports purporting that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction. After the war in which thousands were killed, no biological or chemical weapons were found. A similar claim is being made today.
2. The Iranian government has consistently spoken out against what it has called Western Imperialism, and enslavement of the people of the Middle East.
Some say that the American government is looking for an excuse to silence Iran-once and for all.
3. The American government action in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, and the subsequent inaction about Syria has been cited as proof that the American government will only interested in oil, not the well being of the down-trodden people of the Middle East. Iran ranks third in oil reserves and has a daily production of 4.172 million barrels.
4. There are also claims of a modern day crusade termed Zionism. It is alleged that the American government is trying to subjugate the Islamic people of the Middle East.

Counter Claims

1. Those quarters who have been rallying support for the American claims maintain that Iraq has not given its full co-operation to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
2. They also theorize that the Iraqi government may not adequately secure all data, processes, and designs used in its nuclear enrichment program, and that such information could fall into the wrong hands. (Terrorists)

A True Clarion Call

Weapons of mass destruction should be permanently outlawed and all countries currently possessing such weapons should neutralize them. Nuclear weapons are an invention that should never have happened. Man just does not have the mental consciousness needed to carry the responsibility attached to such immense power.
A future article to complement this one is titled Is Islam the Enemy?


The war on drugs-Has the American Government been telling the Truth? Should Cocaine be Legalized?
Are the September 11 attacks justified? Terrorism-Care to Know the Truth?
Freedom of Speech: Does writing BOMBER BOY qualify one as a terrorist?
From the writer’s desk:
300 passengers. One plane. One bomb. One switch.

Welcome to the fast moving world of advanced terrorism where Jihadists in Oman or Afghanistan can blow up buses, trains, and planes in New York, Madrid, or London-without even going there.

This is not the world of the future; it is our world as it is!

A world unpredictable, unforgiving, and deadly!

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Terrorism-Care to Know the Truth?

Adolf Hitler was a terrorist. So was Saddam Hussein,Pope Paul III, and Bloody Queen Mary of England. This is just to set the records straight: Osama Bin Laden is not the most inhuman person in the history of humanity. Special Feature by Ike Pius.

When the world trade center was destroyed on September 11, 2011, the world was shaken. Shaken because of the scale of the attack, shaken because of the suddenness of the attack, but perhaps even more shaken by the response of the American government to the attack. September 11 is heralded as the turning point of mankind’s infighting, the sign post of a more brutal, more organized, and more dynamic face of terror. One can still remember with pain, images of people leading from the towers, pressed by the smoke and heat, and the sheer terror of the event to plunge to their deaths. The death toll is quoted to be nearly 3,000 people.

But What Exactly is Terrorism?

Strangely, there is no all prevailing definition of the term “terrorism”. Apparently, the term is only invoked at the discretion of the speaker, whenever he feels it is appropriate. Most people are not without passions and prejudices which interfere with their judgement. In plain words; it only depends on what side the narrator is on. If he is on the side of the victims and thus feels that the attack is unwarranted, inhuman, and barbaric, he is quick to label it terrorism, but if he is sympathetic to the cause of the perpetrator, and feels that his actions are even slightly justified, then to him it is not terror but vengeance.

Furthermore, there is no definite boundary into which an act of hostility must fall so as to e labelled terrorism. That means that one does not often know when an act of hostility should officially be classified “terror”, “war”, or “genocide”. {more on this later in this article}

The Terror of the Past

The inquisitions and crusades of Europe in medieval times, in which thousands were killed on the basis of their beliefs , cultures, and worship have often been quoted as justification for terrorism. Surely, killing people because they believe something different from yours is a form of barbarism.

The inquisitions lasted 1184-1860 under numerous figures, notable among whom were King Ferdinand II of Aragon, Pope Paul III, Queen Mary of England, and His Holiness, Pope Innocent III. They targeted minorities; naming them witches, heretics and heathens. A famous victim was Galileo Galilei in 1633.

{The Inquisitions}

The destruction of the Carthars {essentially a community of Bulgarians} in a series of purges which culminated in a war in July 1209, and a siege of the European town of Beziers, is another scar in history. In the report sent by the leader of the Crusader army to the Pope, it was stated that “twenty thousand heretics were put to the sword, regardless of rank, age, or sex.” After that, the Holy Father is said to have held a feast!

Surely the culpability of the Spanish royalty cannot be disputed. In the year 1478 it rounded up great numbers of its citizens and killed them on the suspicion that they had reverted to Islam-their religion before conquest and forceful conversion.

The Jews are famous for surviving persecution. In medieval times, particularly in Austria, Germany, and Poland their numbers were cut down during a series of crusades from 1096-1349. The Jews were also massacred during what is known as the black death (1346-1353). More recently (during the 1930’s) the Jews were expelled from their homes in Germany when the Nazi regime assumed power. Over 6 million Jews were later murdered in the holocaust, during the course of world war II.

Along with the Jews, many Serbs, Muslims, and other minorities lost their lives.

Food For Thought

It seems that a vicious cycle of death and destruction is at work here. It appears that those who have been persecuted, hunted and killed for centuries have learned to fight back. The postulate: ‘action and reaction are equal and opposite’ seems to be proved true in this case.

Some say that today’s terrorists are the reincarnated victims of yesterday’s crusades. Whether or not the reader is in agreement, it seems very reasonable to say that the oppressed (if not individually, then institutionally) are taking their pound of flesh from their oppressors.

Whatever the case, one thing that appears to be fact is that “the war on terror” is a war that cannot be won through arms. Proof of this is the fact that several years after the war began, and several lives have been lost, the terrorists have continued to kill and destroy. From their bases in the Middle East they have even opened new branch offices In Africa (Such as Nigeria and Mali) where they direct their foot soldiers to destroy western interests.

A Way Out

If this vicious karmaic cycle is to be broken, and this madness stopped, then one of the parties must cease the offensive and embrace dialogue. The cowboy style of the Bush administrations must be abandoned for something more reasonable.


Should Christian and Muslim communities be segregated? Read: The Paradise That Was.

Further reading:

The War against drugs. Is the American government telling the truth? Should Cocaine be Legalized?

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