About Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Even after trying to evade the subject, I am “forced” by numerous emails from believers asking for ‘my opinion on gay and lesbian marriage’. I must start by stating that I have no opinion on the matter, I will just present truths based on love, and let everyone make up his own mind. Hopefully, the reader will open his mind, and not let any ill thinking creep in.

Apparently, a lot of people still confuse sexual intimacy with love, and I perceive that it is from there that the whole confusion begins. Please read some of my previous articles about love to gain more insights.

When people understand what love really is, there is less reason to ask me-or anyone else-for an opinion on this matter. What love is not: Love is not a feeling. What love is: love is a state of mind.  Love is akin to peace, akin to joy, akin to satisfaction. Love is something you first have inside of you, then, you start to radiate to ALL around you.

Having clarified that, you see that a person who has love inside him does not balk at another’s sexual preference, but will accept everyone for who he is. If a person cannot help who he loves, but loves all the same, then that person should be loved.

It is of no consequence whether a person loves a member of the opposite sex, or a member of the same sex. All the noise about it being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ should not even arise in the first place.

Christians answer: would Jesus love a person if the person was gay? Jesus knew the true meaning of love! If the person you claim to love and follow will show love, why do you prefer to  hate?

The writer is not gay. The writer is trying to play the devil’s advocate. I am just trying to show love. Do you believe in love? Would you like to meet fellow believers? Then reply here, and post a short comment about yourself.

To a more loving you.


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5 Responses to About Gay and Lesbian Marriage

  1. Janet spex says:

    Thats saying it like it is bro!!!

  2. Janet spex says:

    oh…and that link doesnt work. so, you might want to do something about it. Thanks anyway!!

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Amen to that!

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