Love Versus Religion-Making the difficult choice


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Recently, I received an email so interesting that I felt I must not leave it unrecorded. A young woman (resident in Pakistan) asks if it is advisable to continue her budding relationship with a young man who does not share her religious background. To keep sentiments at bay, I will only state here that one (of the couple) is Christian and the other is Muslim.

It goes without saying that this union will face challenges. Even as the couple may very well love one another, they cannot be totally deaf and blind to the centuries old animosity and hatred that exists between the members of their different religious communities.

These communities still hold a fairly firm grip on the lives of their members, dishing out punishments for wrong doing as their leaders may find appropriate. Falling in love with an infidel is no doubt considered wrong doing (punishable by death?) and we must not forget the Christian admonition to “marry only in the lord”.

That last sentence has generated so much confusion that one wonders whether it should not be abandoned in the interest of the development of humanity. To illustrate: Anglicans will consider marrying Catholics as “marrying out of the lord”, just as Mormons will consider marrying Jehovah’s witnesses, as sinful-and yet they all profess one Lord!

Going back to the story, it appears that success in this relationship will depend to a large extent on the willingness of the couple to be estranged from their different religious communities. (Well, the bible does say that a man will forsake his father and mother and will stick to his wife, doesn’t it?)

Therefore, love should cover all. As long as they both have each other’s interest at heart, then there is no reason not to continue to love and love more.

I have often wondered whether Christians and Muslims believe adherents of other religions to be created by another God. (Or the devil) Because they certain behave that way. Even though one has reason to believe that it is the leaders of these religions who deliberately mislead their followers into these wrong conceptions. What that means is: do not hate members of other religions; but if you decide to hate their leaders, well, you may be forgiven. (author humor).

To conclude, times of loneliness help us to appreciate true companionship better. Love and happiness are not available for purchase on every street corner. Therefore, when we do have the opportunity to find them; we must do all that is possible to make them ours forever and ever, and with whomever! No matter the age, creed or color!

Love should be a universal language. Article powered by: Ike Pius


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