How To Survive When Feeling Down, and Come Out Stronger

Welcome to OneLoveSpace; where you learn to live loving lives. This article is titled How To Survive When Feeling Down, and Come Out Stronger Depression

The purpose of this article is to help the reader attain a balanced view of unhappiness, to make the best of it, and to come out stronger. This article will treat the following subheadings on the way to this:
• Feeling a little down
• A balance and a rhythm
• Coming out stronger

It is hoped that after reading this short article, the reader will come out rejuvenated, with a positive view of things.

• Feeling a little down

Perhaps at this very moment you are feeling down. Maybe there is something that is weighing on your mind, causing you to feel sad. Could it be a health condition? Or could it be your financial situation? Other things that could cause a mental low could be the death of a loved one, unfaithfulness of a mate, or a natural disaster. There is also a kind of inner sadness that occurs when one just feels lost.

Granted, nobody wants to feel pain, hurt, sad, lost, or depressed. There is nothing funny about feeling that way and if it is continued for a long period of time, it can have negative health effects.

• A balance and a rhythm

Thankfully, there is a plethora of writing that is directed towards helping you come out of such a state of mind. Why, even my humble self have written about the subject. So, before you find yourself losing sleep, and losing your appetite for a long period of time, please check out helpful tips to return to happiness. But the purpose of this essay is not to publicize old posts, either by this writer or by others.

As much as we would like our lives to be filled only with laughter and happiness, as much as we hate to feel even the slightest pain, as much as would like our lives to be beds of roses-it cannot be so.

The ebbs are just as important as the tides-they work together to shape us into a balanced mental consciousness. Some of my best writing efforts have been done at times when I could have committed suicide (God forbid). And I am not alone in this-I understand that countless painters, song writers, musicians, novelists, and sportsmen have produced their best at times when their worlds seemed all but shattered.

What happened there is that we have just tapped into the power of our emotions, and used this power to create something beautiful. The power is always there, but at times we may need something to help us connect to it. Remember that the mind is a powerful tool which man is only beginning to understand.

• Coming out stronger

This is not advising anybody to take up destructive behavioral patterns, or to plunge into the pit of absolute sadness. No, far from it.

This is just saying that if you cannot beat it, benefit from it. If you cannot (and it is true that you cannot) help feeling a little sad, or very sad, or so sad that you could end it all, then embrace it. What doesn’t kill you, they say, will make you stronger. And besides, if you don’t taste the bitter side of life once in a while, then you will not appreciate the good side.

And even you will be pleasantly surprised when you see that which you have put you energies to while you were feeling down.

Ike Pius wishes you a better family life than he has had-but then the experience has made him better for it.

It is hoped that this article has inspired you to Survive When Feeling Down, and Come Out Stronger

Update 20-October-2010

How to Survive When Feeling Down(Depression):

1. Accept the situation you cannot change.

2. Be humorous about it.

3. Do something productive. That could be a passion, a craft, a hobby. (mine has been writing)

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