How Not To Fight For Love

One Guy thought he was fighting for love … but what happens next is pitiful.

It is not my custom to write about events of which I am not a first hand witness, but something happened within the two weeks that I was away from town that I felt I must share.

It happened that a young man had a girl friend (baby momma would be a more accurate description) whom he believed to be cheating on him based on second or third hand, or fictitious reports.

The young man in question diligently sought out his rival and confronted him. A fight ensued during which he stabbed the guy. Now there was no way of knowing that the tiny little hole which he created in the guys body would spill a pool (a river actually) of blood. There was no way of knowing that the guy would collapse and need to be rushed to a hospital. There was no way of knowing that he was about to enter the club of murderers.

The young man has since been deposited in jail were it is understood that he is likely to spend the next 25 years.

Was it wise to fight for love?

Assuming his baby momma really was cheating on him (in which case he would be justified for getting mad) has he not proved himself the biggest idiot?

I know sometimes love can hurt. I have written a whole book about love but I just do not agree with his actions.

hunting Mr. Right

The woman he was fighting for is now a free agent, capable of donating her member to the highest bidder-or the lowest if she chooses-and there is nothing that he can do about it. The thought of it should kill him!

And of course the child. The toddler should be a full fledged woman by the time he gets out of prison. By that time she could be completely detached from the concept of paternity. I just pray she does not end up like her mother-a Jezebel who goes around spreading her legs, leaving death in her wake.

Anyway you look at it that man is finished. I can only imagine him sitting in a cold, dark cell, staring at the ceiling, and saying “God, I am screwed.”

I say all of this should never have happened. Today, people seem to prefer acting like animals and hacking each other at the slightest provocation. Anybody can have disagreements but does it always have to end in violence?

Have you ever had to fight for love? How did it turn out? Please share your story.





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