Should cocaine be legalized?


Should cocaine be legalized? That is a tremendously profound question. In fact, that question has the capacity to cause so much frenzy that it may seem a better idea not to raise such a question at all. Some people who come across this article will even question the sanity of the writer. But this is because for many years, the people’s minds have been conditioned to believe that drugs- cocaine in particular-are bad, and that the war on drugs is necessary to protect the balance of society. This article disproves that theory. After reading this article the reader will see the hypocrisy of, and the conspiracy in the war against drugs.

What is cocaine?

Best known in its white powdery state, cocaine is obtained from the coca plant. It gets its name from “coca”, and the suffix “ine”. It is a stimulant, an appetite suppressant, and an anesthetic. That means that cocaine gives more mental alertness, creates a feeling of euphoria, and well being. To put it plainly, cocaine makes you feel good. Cocaine also makes you eat less (and lose weight), and it numbs pain.
However, cocaine is illegal in almost every country, except for strictly monitored medical use. The reason for this is:

Some negative effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is addictive, and is known to have dependency symptoms which include itching, hallucinations, and paranoid delusions. In other words; people who get hooked on cocaine have an uncontrollable feeling that something is moving under the skin, they may start hearing voices and seeing things which are not real, and they often become nervous wrecks, given to mood swings and fits of rage. Some also struggle with depression.
That is the balanced, truthful story of it. Still cocaine should be legalized because:

The war on drugs: the hypocrisy, the conspiracy

In the United States, during the period from 1920-1933, what is called the Prohibition Act was in force. That law made the production, distribution and possession of alcohol illegal within the United States. The law was said to have been enacted to “protect the working man from the negative effects of alcohol.” At first glance, that may seem like a very noble, caring, well-thought-out law. It was not! Consider the outcome:

Chaos. Sheer chaos

Distilleries, breweries, hotels, restaurants and bars closed shop, and the “working man” was thrown out of work. Out, of work, the working man was unable to care for his family. Just imagine how many children suffered starvation.

The rise of the mafia

As the law did not stem the demand for alcohol, both from the working man, and from the rich class, there arose a vacuum which needed filling. Standing up against the law required men of guts and fury. It also brought rich rewards as the men who dared do so quickly became rich. A few of them are listed below:

Alphose (Scarface) Capone

Sam Bronfman

Larry Fae

Tom Dennison

The men listed above could not, and did not succeed all by themselves. They had plenty of help from within the government. It is common knowledge that they had on their payrolls men of the Customs and Border Protection, Federal Agents, and very many Policemen. However, it has not been so publicized that they were friends and allies of the law makers. (More on this later in the article)

In any case, the Prohibition (1920-1933) solved nothing. It only made a few people staggeringly rich and powerful; and killed others, either from hunger, or from poison. (Yes, the Government really did poison the people)

That was as it happened during the alcohol Prohibition. How is the cocaine Prohibition faring?

The cocaine prohibition

The illegality of cocaine has not reduced its demand. If anything, it has only made it more popular. Young people today seem to want to be seen as rebellious, unconforming social misfits and so they take cocaine as a means of expressing this attitude. Thus the demand for cocaine rises. In simpler terms, people just love cocaine, and drugs in general.

This demand has to be met. Larry Hoover, Rick (Freeway) Ross, Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory, as well as many other less known names have made immense fortunes meeting this demand, while Ismael Zambada and Joaquin Guzman Loera (a.k.a El Chapo) continue to make mega millions in profits in the cocaine business.
The status quo is not going to change; as long as there continues to be a demand for the product, there will always be supply. In other words, the war on drugs is a war that cannot be won.

So why are we fighting a lost war?

1. Policemen such as Hernan Eaton, Robert Rogers, Marlene Kalb, Robert Wahls, Winston Dean Jackson and David Finley Jr. are getting rich selling drugs. These are junior officers we know about. Imagine the kind of money being made by the senior officers.
2. Some people who have the power to change the laws have interests in the drug business. That is why they favor prohibition. They control (to an extent) the availability and price of the drug.
3. Alternatives to cocaine (pills) which are produced by local drug companies would see a drop in demand. If there is a drop in demand then these drug companies will become less profitable. These drug companies are owned by very powerful people.




#3 Legalizing Cocaine will make it cheap and unprofitable, effectively breaking the back of
Big criminal Organizations.

#4 Legalizing Drugs will make it available at dispensaries, thus putting gangsters and thugs out of business, and bringing down the rate of violent deaths.


A way out of the impasse

The simple solution to this whole mess is to make cocaine a legal substance. People will get high, and lives will be ruined-that is exactly the situation today! But if cocaine should be legal, then its price will drop as supply will exceed demand. This is because many new dealers (maybe even this writer) will enter the business. To put it simply, it will cease to be the lucrative monopoly that it is today.
Furthermore, those of us who are not addicts today are not addicts, not because we could not find some cocaine to get hooked on; no, we are not addicts because we choose to stay clear of cocaine. We choose to live happy lives. (you might wonder what that means)

In conclusion: the millions of dollars wasted in the pointless war on drugs could be redirected to provide better education, health care, or just to fund better projects.

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