The Good Popes Don’t Last

Welcome to ONELOVESPACE! This article is titled the good Popes don’t last. It is a reaction to the recent resignation of the good Pope Benedict XVI, drawing a parallel between him and Pope John Paul who was assassinated after only 33 days in office. Happy reading!

Pope Benedict XVI officially resigned from his position as leader of the Catholic Church yesterday (28th February 2013). He is said to have resigned as a result of ‘failing health’. Records show that resignation from the Office of the Pope is an almost unheard of thing. There are only five Popes on record who have resigned their positions. All of which happened between the 11th and 15th centuries.
Noteworthy is the fact that Pope Benedict did not suffer from any specific health crisis or disease that could have forced him to quit. Yes, he was 85 years old at the time of quitting and so could quite rightly claim to be fettered by his health, but he surely was aware before taking office that his papacy should have lasted until his death. Pope John Paul II who was his predecessor struggled with serious health concerns, and yet fought on until the end of his life. Was Benedict XVI’s resignation caused by poor health or for some other reason?

Sources say his resignation was as a result of frustration with the system. They say that the Pope was frustrated with not being able to assume a firm control of the Church, and instill the discipline needed to rebuild faith in the Church.

The allegations of Catholic priests sexually exploiting alter boys have largely gone unsolved, while it is said that many more unpublicized cases of said exploitation exist. As a matter of fact, some quarters dismiss the Catholic Church as one big sex scandal.
There is overwhelming evidence that the Catholic Church shielded pedophile priests from investigation by relocating them, sometimes to other countries, where they usually continue their unpriestly activities. A few citations are given here in case the reader wishes to make further investigation:

A few cases of Pedophilia in the Church

In 1994 Micheal Ledwith resigned as President of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth when allegations of sexual abuse were made public.
In Canada In August 2006, Father Charles Henry Sylvestre of Belle River, Ontario pled guilty to 47 counts of sexual abuse on females, aged between nine and fourteen years old between 1952 and 1989.[76] Sylvestre was given a sentence in October 2006 of three years, and died January 22, 2007 after three months in prison.

In April 2010 it was reported that former bishop of the Norwegian Catholic Church, Georg Müller, had confessed to the Norwegian Police in early January 2010 that he had sexually abused an underaged altar boy 20 years earlier. The Norwegian Catholic Church was made aware of the incident but did not alert the authorities. Müller was made to step down as a bishop in July 2009.

Sources say that the lack of cooperation in solving the mystery behind such incidences was the major reason the pope stepped down. If that is true then a parallel is drawn between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul I, the Pope who reigned for a month. Why the parallel? Read about Pope John Paul I below.
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Similarities between Popes John Paul and Benedict XVI

Pope John Paul I, after his installment as Pope, on 26th of August 1978, promised to reform the Catholic Church. During the period leading to his Papacy the Church was mired in monumental corruption. Apparently, the people in charge of the Vatican Bank were merely using the bank to launder drug money. They were also giving out outrageous amounts of money as loans to friends and family members. They called them ‘friends of the Church’. Unfortunately, many Bishops and Cardinals were involved in this scandal, and were sworn by fraternal bonds to protect each other. Many of those involved in the scandal were Freemasons. Freemasonry is forbidden in the Church.
Pope John Paul the first was advised against trying to fight the Church Mafia, but stubbornly refused. Pope John Paul I steadfastly continued in his endeavor to rid the Catholic Church of vice. After about two weeks, he was found dead in his bed chambers.
After a caricature Post Mortem, they said he died of natural causes!

Known Facts about Benedict XVI

A closer look at the character of the Pope Benedict XVI shows that like Pope John Paul, Pope Benedict tried to reform the church.
Before becoming Pope (1981-2005) Benedict was the head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith-the Church’s watch dog organization, dedicated to fighting pedophilia and all such vices. He did a terrible job. But then he was not yet Pope, and might not have had the power to adequately fight the vice as he should have. The Pope did sign documents authorizing pedophile priests to be relocated to far away provinces which usually meant that the evaded prosecution. This is true, but since he was not yet Pope at the time, it appears that he merely bowed to pressure from the majority of Cardinals, some of whom might have held offices higher than his own.
The Pope publicly apologized for the abuse: “No words of mine could describe the pain and harm inflicted by such abuse,” the pope said in a 2008 homily in Washington, D.C., before meeting with victims of abuse for the first time. “It is important that those who have suffered be given loving pastoral attention.” During the same trip to the U.S., he met with some of the victims for the first time.
That means that he was one of the first to admit the existence of this evil within the Church, Apologize for it, and seek redress for the victims. That man is a saint!
This proves that courage and integrity have no place in the Catholic Church. Some conspiracy theorists say that if the Pope had not resigned, he would have been assassinated!

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