Terrorism-Care to Know the Truth?

Adolf Hitler was a terrorist. So was Saddam Hussein,Pope Paul III, and Bloody Queen Mary of England. This is just to set the records straight: Osama Bin Laden is not the most inhuman person in the history of humanity. Special Feature by Ike Pius.

When the world trade center was destroyed on September 11, 2011, the world was shaken. Shaken because of the scale of the attack, shaken because of the suddenness of the attack, but perhaps even more shaken by the response of the American government to the attack. September 11 is heralded as the turning point of mankind’s infighting, the sign post of a more brutal, more organized, and more dynamic face of terror. One can still remember with pain, images of people leading from the towers, pressed by the smoke and heat, and the sheer terror of the event to plunge to their deaths. The death toll is quoted to be nearly 3,000 people.

But What Exactly is Terrorism?

Strangely, there is no all prevailing definition of the term “terrorism”. Apparently, the term is only invoked at the discretion of the speaker, whenever he feels it is appropriate. Most people are not without passions and prejudices which interfere with their judgement. In plain words; it only depends on what side the narrator is on. If he is on the side of the victims and thus feels that the attack is unwarranted, inhuman, and barbaric, he is quick to label it terrorism, but if he is sympathetic to the cause of the perpetrator, and feels that his actions are even slightly justified, then to him it is not terror but vengeance.

Furthermore, there is no definite boundary into which an act of hostility must fall so as to e labelled terrorism. That means that one does not often know when an act of hostility should officially be classified “terror”, “war”, or “genocide”. {more on this later in this article}

The Terror of the Past

The inquisitions and crusades of Europe in medieval times, in which thousands were killed on the basis of their beliefs , cultures, and worship have often been quoted as justification for terrorism. Surely, killing people because they believe something different from yours is a form of barbarism.

The inquisitions lasted 1184-1860 under numerous figures, notable among whom were King Ferdinand II of Aragon, Pope Paul III, Queen Mary of England, and His Holiness, Pope Innocent III. They targeted minorities; naming them witches, heretics and heathens. A famous victim was Galileo Galilei in 1633.

{The Inquisitions}

The destruction of the Carthars {essentially a community of Bulgarians} in a series of purges which culminated in a war in July 1209, and a siege of the European town of Beziers, is another scar in history. In the report sent by the leader of the Crusader army to the Pope, it was stated that “twenty thousand heretics were put to the sword, regardless of rank, age, or sex.” After that, the Holy Father is said to have held a feast!

Surely the culpability of the Spanish royalty cannot be disputed. In the year 1478 it rounded up great numbers of its citizens and killed them on the suspicion that they had reverted to Islam-their religion before conquest and forceful conversion.

The Jews are famous for surviving persecution. In medieval times, particularly in Austria, Germany, and Poland their numbers were cut down during a series of crusades from 1096-1349. The Jews were also massacred during what is known as the black death (1346-1353). More recently (during the 1930’s) the Jews were expelled from their homes in Germany when the Nazi regime assumed power. Over 6 million Jews were later murdered in the holocaust, during the course of world war II.

Along with the Jews, many Serbs, Muslims, and other minorities lost their lives.

Food For Thought

It seems that a vicious cycle of death and destruction is at work here. It appears that those who have been persecuted, hunted and killed for centuries have learned to fight back. The postulate: ‘action and reaction are equal and opposite’ seems to be proved true in this case.

Some say that today’s terrorists are the reincarnated victims of yesterday’s crusades. Whether or not the reader is in agreement, it seems very reasonable to say that the oppressed (if not individually, then institutionally) are taking their pound of flesh from their oppressors.

Whatever the case, one thing that appears to be fact is that “the war on terror” is a war that cannot be won through arms. Proof of this is the fact that several years after the war began, and several lives have been lost, the terrorists have continued to kill and destroy. From their bases in the Middle East they have even opened new branch offices In Africa (Such as Nigeria and Mali) where they direct their foot soldiers to destroy western interests.

A Way Out

If this vicious karmaic cycle is to be broken, and this madness stopped, then one of the parties must cease the offensive and embrace dialogue. The cowboy style of the Bush administrations must be abandoned for something more reasonable.


Should Christian and Muslim communities be segregated? Read: The Paradise That Was.

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3 Responses to Terrorism-Care to Know the Truth?

  1. Ahmed O. says:

    Excuse me, but why did I not see George Bush’s name here?
    Are we being truthful or not?

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