Some have called it a war on Islam. Others have said that it is a sign of American imperialism, and a will to dominate the people of the Middle East. What is it? It is the rumored American preparation for war against the Republic of Iran.
The media is saturated with reports of the Iranian government secretly developing nuclear weapons. The Iranian government has consistently denied these claims, challenging that they be proven, while maintaining that its intentions for developing nuclear technology are to meet its growing energy needs.
Nuclear technology is a closely guarded branch of science. This is because of the devastating effects it can produce. Examples are given below.

1. On the 6th and 9th of August 1945, the deployment of Atomic bombs, only two of which were used on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagatasuikye work, forced the Japanese government to surrender, effectively ending the needless prolongation of World War II.
The death toll is estimated at over 180,000. An extensive area of land was also flattened, requiring billions of dollars to rebuild.

2. The Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Disaster is another point of reference to the devastating power of nuclear technology. The Chernobyl nuclear plant was a peaceful project developed and run by the Ukrainian government (then a part of the Soviet Union).
When the accident occurred, large quantities of radio active particles were released into the atmosphere, killing about 4000 people. Many more deformities and illnesses are still attributed to that disaster.

3. Nuclear Waste is costly to store, and difficult to dispose. Even countries with very good capacity to use nuclear technology have not found effective methods of dealing with nuclear waste.

Conspiracies and Theories

Even as the Iranian government has repeatedly denied developing nuclear weapons (Iran has signed documents agreeing not to develop nuclear weapons, and has led the call to keep the Middle East nuclear weapons free) theories abound which claim to explain the motives for the expected invasion.
1. The American government invaded Iraq after claiming it had received intelligence reports purporting that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction. After the war in which thousands were killed, no biological or chemical weapons were found. A similar claim is being made today.
2. The Iranian government has consistently spoken out against what it has called Western Imperialism, and enslavement of the people of the Middle East.
Some say that the American government is looking for an excuse to silence Iran-once and for all.
3. The American government action in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, and the subsequent inaction about Syria has been cited as proof that the American government will only interested in oil, not the well being of the down-trodden people of the Middle East. Iran ranks third in oil reserves and has a daily production of 4.172 million barrels.
4. There are also claims of a modern day crusade termed Zionism. It is alleged that the American government is trying to subjugate the Islamic people of the Middle East.

Counter Claims

1. Those quarters who have been rallying support for the American claims maintain that Iraq has not given its full co-operation to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
2. They also theorize that the Iraqi government may not adequately secure all data, processes, and designs used in its nuclear enrichment program, and that such information could fall into the wrong hands. (Terrorists)

A True Clarion Call

Weapons of mass destruction should be permanently outlawed and all countries currently possessing such weapons should neutralize them. Nuclear weapons are an invention that should never have happened. Man just does not have the mental consciousness needed to carry the responsibility attached to such immense power.
A future article to complement this one is titled Is Islam the Enemy?


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From the writer’s desk:
300 passengers. One plane. One bomb. One switch.

Welcome to the fast moving world of advanced terrorism where Jihadists in Oman or Afghanistan can blow up buses, trains, and planes in New York, Madrid, or London-without even going there.

This is not the world of the future; it is our world as it is!

A world unpredictable, unforgiving, and deadly!


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