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‘All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.’ That was a submission made on a social network forum involving participants from America, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom. There is a gradual anti-Muslim mindset being built up by many innocent and peace-loving members of the general public. Newscast by newscast, the media is fanning the flame of odium against the general Muslim society. But are they correct in doing so? Is Islam the enemy? Is Islam the problem with the world?

As the submission quoted at the beginning of this article might rightly imply, the terrorists of the world seem to be Muslims. The September 11 attacks, in which an estimated 3000 lives were lost, are usually sited as a rallying point, to rouse the populace against the ‘common enemy’. True, those attacks were carried out by Muslims. The Al-Qaeda Terrorist Network, along with other Jihadists movements such as Hamas and others have a strong following particularly among the young. These Jihadists are seen as authorities, dishing out statements, warnings, and in some cases punishment against sinners.
However, Jihadists make up less than ten percent (1%) of the entire Muslim population. This is a fact that has been downplayed, or ignored out rightly by almost all western media agencies. Most Muslims are peaceful people who just want to be left alone to follow their laws, customs, and traditions.

It not particularly shocking that the majority of Muslims, who are peaceful, are ignored, while the focus is in put on the tiny minority who bear arms and fight. Even on the internet, and other media sources, very little is heard about the peaceful Muslims. Whether this is a deliberate manipulation of the internet search engines remains unclear at this point.

One will do himself a great good by checking the following websites:

A diligent search will reveal more.

The people of Muslim lands are often derided for their way of life (dressing in particular). On several forums on the internet, one may find calls for reforms in Islam. One participant even said that ‘Islam should follow the steps of the Catholic Church and effect some reforms’. That is very faulty thinking. Imposing a foreign dress code on the people of the Middle East and North Africa is very much like telling the Japanese that Kimonos are outdated, or the Chinese that they must abandon their traditional ways, such as their food, martial arts, and their dressing. At most, this reeks of imperialism, and a demonstration of an utter lack of respect for these peoples.

The Forbidden Question

If all of the estimated 1,619,314,000 Muslims in the world were indeed violent would we not see far more than the one major bombing very three years? Is not clear, therefore, that the vast majority of Muslims are at least as peaceful as the rest of us?
Why then are we brainwashed into a blind hatred for the people of Islam? It appears that there is a deliberate attempt by the people who control the media- and internet as well-to hypnotize the populace into a state of unreasoning, obsessive paranoia.

Gradually, we are descending into a New Nazi state. Patriotism is growing into nationalism. Nationalism will soon produce fascism. If this is left unchecked, then soon there will be another Holocaust! It is what must happen unless we as a people retrace our steps. And now, before it is too late!

The people who run the media have already done so much damage that it will take a miracle to erase completely the picture of bomb wielding enemies whenever we see Muslims.

A way Out

Some Muslims may be diehard anti western fanatics who hide behind the turban of religion to carry out carnage and destruction. It may be an insatiable blood lust or a wrong belief that the bloodshed is somehow pleasing to God.

Others may believe that they have very authentic reasons to take up armed struggle against the west. Oppressed people will always find a way to gain liberation. Liberty is a basic instinct in man. ‘All men naturally love freedom and hate servitude’- Gaius Julius Caesar.
The reasonable way out, therefore, will be a round table during which they would present their grievances. It is not compulsory, it is necessary. We must either find a way to amicably settle our differences, or we must continue to kill each other, forever and ever! There is no other way!

A later article will be titled The Nazis of Today, and the Coming Holocaust

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The war on drugs: Has the American Government been telling the Truth? Should Cocaine be Legalized?

From the writer’s desk:

300 passengers. One plane. One bomb. One switch.

Welcome to the fast moving world of advanced terrorism where Jihadists in Oman or Afghanistan can blow up buses, trains, and planes in New York, Madrid, or London-without even going there.

This is not the world of the future; it is our world as it is!

A world unpredictable, unforgiving, and deadly!



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