How to be Gay

How to be Gay .

Yes, you read that right! This article is a step by step guide to transform your personality from what is has been shaped into by Society. After you read and apply the information contained in this short piece you will become gay. Yes, with the benefit of hindsight this article should probably be titled: ‘How to be Awesome.’

Some may wonder what the word awesome has to do with the subject. Well, let the world be informed that according to The Urban Dictionary the word ‘gay’ is defined as “light-hearted and carefree.”

Surely you agree that in this world of strife, hate and violence we should be happy to have the few who refuse to discriminate against anyone based on the colour of his skin, his religious beliefs, his sexual orientation- or his lack of it, or even his political position. Such sages deserve as much reverence as the sages of old, you know, like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Confucius and Zoroaster- people who were truly gay in the pure sense of the word, and not just gay with their disciples- they were gay with the world.

But how can you be Gay? .

Easy! Just put aside all tendencies to discriminate against others. Reject all influence from your immediate environment as well as from the media to take part in any social withhunt against any section of society. Do not hate Black People because they are Black, Do not Hate Gay People because they are Gay, and do not allow your mind to be beaten into submission such that people who practice a different religion from what you believe immediately become your enemies.

Be TOLERANT, be CAREFREE, LOVE your neighbor as you love your self. Spread love, not hate, educate at least one person (you may show them this article) to bring them over to the light.

The World Needs More Gay People .

If George Bush had been Gay, surely he would not have wasted nearly 1 million lives (including women and children) in the mindless invasion of Iraq. No Gay person in his right sense of Gayness would do such a thing. Only a mad man would set an entire region ablaze under the guise of finding weapons that he knew did not exist. As Donald Trump famously remarked: ‘the last thing we need is another Bush.’

We need more lovers not more fighters. We need to chant the slogan ‘Love is Love’ all over the world. We need to organize rallies in every major city in the world displaying the rainbow banner and waving the rainbow flag. We need to have Gay holidays and Gay Colonies, maybe even have a Gay Pope.

The powerful One Percent and their cronies cannot be allowed to drag us all back to the Dark Ages. Countries such as Nigeria and Saudi Arabia are already said to be burning Gay People.

You Can Make a Difference .

Join the movement today. Spread the word. Show somebody this article and help them come to the light.

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