You Have to Read this Before you do ANY Gambling

‘Nearly Doesn’t Get You Paid’
Did you hear about the guy who won a Million Dollars on the lottery? What about the one who won 20 million Naira on Sports-Betting? Did you SEE them with your own eyes? It is important to ask because those stories are probably false! If you try to investigate you may never actually see the winners. They are always ‘a friend of a friend who lives in another city.’ The illusion is so well packaged that in our greed, in our rush to make quick money we fail to see the real winners in this scam-the owners of the gambling companies/ betting sites!
Type the word ‘bet’ into your google search, or your favorite search engine. You will be bombarded with so many results… so many websites calling out for your attention! These websites offer various options; from horse racing to sports betting, and from card games to picking random numbers. Do you think they are doing this for fun? Well, you better grow yourself a brain and know that they are doing it for profit. Good profit. Immense profit.
And where do you think they are getting the profit from? From people like you! For every winner ( yeah right ) there are probably hundreds of  thousands of losers!
Do you have any idea the amount of money people stake- and lose on these betting sites everyday? Surely, in the region of millions of Dollars! But why do most people lose instead of win?
The system is rigged! Your chances of dying on the way to playing the lottery exceed your chances of winning the lottery! Match-fixing makes it extremely difficult to correctly predict the outcome of a football match… Making it even more difficult to win money by predicting the outcome of a set of football matches.
Furthermore, Lottery algorithms can be altered  as easily as they are written so just when you think you  have got the code and can predict the winning numbers, expect it to be changed!
And why do People go Back to Play Again After Losing?
Let us consider 3 Reasons
1. People tend to want to take ‘revenge’ on the Lottery after making a loss. They may be encouraged by believing that their losses were ‘near-misses.’ That is to say the results were similar to their predictions. But nearly doesn’t get you paid.
2. Greed: A greedy person wants to make a lot of money by risking a very small amount of money. So the brokers give events with impossible odds with the knowledge that the probability of those events happening are probably next to nothing.
3. Addiction: A person can fall prey to gambling addiction. This is fueled by the adrenaline rush that comes with the hope of making quick money. The emotions take over. So even when there are losses, the player continues to play again and again to gain that excitement… That High.
So instead of going out there and staking your hard-earned money on the outcome of events that YOU DO NOT CONTROL why not use that money to buy a loaf of bread, take your girlfriend out, or donate to charity?
Doing so will break the chains, and free you from enslavement to Lottery Owners. (Read the Book of Freedom)
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