6 Kinds of People that are Making Big Money From Terrorism

6 Kinds of People that are Making Big Money From Terrorism


Think September Eleven was a terrible day? Well, that’s probably because you are not one of those people that have made, and continue to make a fortune from this phenomenon which has wrongly been called ‘terrorism.’


In this article we take a look at some of the classes of people who have effectively turned terrorism into a cash printing machine.


  1. The Media:


Do you remember how CNN started scrolling news headlines at the bottom of your television screens immediately after September 11? Do you think they did it by accident? No, they did not! That brilliant piece of innovation was in response to a high demand for news updates. People were in a frenzy and CNN not only fed from the mass hysteria, but fueled it with a constant feed of sensational headlines.


Almost every other news outlet; Television Stations, Radio Stations, News Papers, and Websites all profited from September 11, through increased circulation, audience engagement and higher ratings and advertising.


  1. Security Contractors


They have made a sinful amount of money by selling outlandish security systems to terrified governments. These devices range from metal detectors to full body scanners.


They are usually sited at public buildings which are considered likely targets for terror attacks. Such buildings include banks, court houses and airports.


  1. Defense Contractors


After September 11 the U.S government adopted a policy of taking the fight to the terrorist’s doorstep. No doubt this policy was propounded by the military hardware suppliers who made a lot of dirty money by supplying tools of destruction in what has proven to be a tragic waste of lives on all sides.


These Contractors also procured weapons for the police and other emergency response agencies. The weapons are military grade, and are supposed to be used in the event of terror attacks. However, they have mostly been used to fight against civil movements like the Black Lives Matter movement, who have protested the killings of unarmed Black men like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin by security agencies.


  1. Politicians


If you are going to spend Billions of Dollars on a senseless ‘war against terror’ then you are going to need to do a lot of lobbying to get the needed support. Defense and Security contractors paid lots of politicians to support the government in its wars. This kind of money is not usually easy to trace, however, and even if it were traced it would be difficult to prosecute anybody because of it. Dick Cheney comes to mind.


  1. Oil Companies


The War Against Terror was basically fought on oil rich ground. American oil production companies, as well as oil servicing companies have made Billions of Dollars in Iraq. They have September 11 to thank for it, because even though there is no evidence connecting the government of Iraq to the terror attacks, and even though no traces of Weapons of Mass Destruction were found there, plenty of oil was found in Iraq… And the U.S oil industry was quickly invited to loot its share of the spoils of war. Halliburton comes to mind.


  1. Conspiracy Theorists.


Even though some of the allegations made by conspiracy theorists are rational and intelligent, and even though they have not been funded with what we call ‘dirty money,’ conspiracy theorists have built web empires on the foundation of terrorism -particularly September 11.


Did you know that the Establishment has been working to keep you and I ignorant and Stupid?

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