6 Things Black People do Like Champions

6 Things Black People do Like Champions


And How We Can Prosper From Them


Pornography and Drugs are not the only things that Black people can do. This article looks at some of the good, or positive things that Black people excel at, and how this knowledge can be used to improve the lot of the Black community.




Many of these are in the entertainment industry but for the sake of simplicity they will be broken down as much as possible.


  1. Comedy


Stand up comedy is our thing. From Bill Cosby to Basket Mouth, there is an un-sung Comedy Industry in full swing all across the International Black Community. The volume and Audience of this industry is on the rise (as shown by the Sold Out Shows) and the future of this industry is bright. (more young talent are being produced/ discovered every year)


We can benefit from this by staying true to ourselves and supporting the ‘real’ Black comedians. The sad reality is that ‘reality shows’ or ‘talent hunt’ shows only exist to make a mockery of us. The gainers are the big brands that sponsor the shows and that make huge profits off the entrants.


  1. Sports


Particularly Basketball and American Football have produced legendary athletes like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Lebron James. (that should be the proper order) The good news is that more stars continue to be discovered every year.


The Black community is also producing champions in Soccer, Boxing, Running, and weight-lifting.


If some of these athletes could learn to give back to society (race is no object here) then surely the world would be a better place.


  1. Music


May God bless Michael Jackson! That man was indeed a force of Nature… That man was a God! The younger generation does not know how many doors he opened for them. They do not know that they now reap the fruits of his work as they follow the trail he blazed to fame.


He was a giver. He gave generously to those who needed help, regardless of race or nationality. In my modest estimation it only takes 3 Michael Jacksons to make this world a Paradise!


If Michael Jackson was a god, however, what we have in music today are devils. Rappers who literally have nothing to offer except Violence, Sex and Drugs; and who live in reckless abandon of stupid impunity have taken over the stage. They are a cancer! They poison the young ones with the images they portray. The sad truth is that most young people, acting under their influence, fall victim to the cycle of Drug use, violence/ gangster(ism), jail, and oblivion… That is if they do not get a few girls pregnant first! Theses girls could then have kids who go on to repeat the vicious cycle.




  1. Acting


The Movie industry is one sector in which Black people have excelled. Stars like Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith have done us proud. Some of them even live the lives of Role Models, and Father Figures, worthy of emulation by the youth.



We even have our own popular culture; our own entertainment channels, Afro centric sitcoms, and dramas that cater to our specific audience. The market continues to grow.


The future is very bright, as many fresh faces are being introduced everyday. Hopefully, these too will become stars, and reduce the number of poor Black People.


  1. Writing


Anybody who has ever read Sunset at Dawn by Chukwuemeka Ike will marvel at the height of creativity that makes it possible to produce such a work of wit and humor from a war story- a story of death, starvation, and constant terror. That book is the inspiration that drove the writer to produce Bomber Boy: Rise of the Underwear Bomber by Ike Pius.


These are just a few examples of the rich and boundless literary talent to be found in Africa and in Africans of the Diaspora.


African authors should teach the young ones, and mentor them so as to groom the next generation of writers that have a story to tell.


  1. Preaching


Black people can preach for Africa! If Jesus Christ had come to Africa instead of to Jerusalem, and to the Jews, surely he would be proud!


Black Preachers have even accumulated wealth to a level that rivals some people on the Forbes list, and they live more luxurious lifestyles than the Arab Royals.


Wealth is not a bad thing. It is just evil when it is surrounded by abject poverty- and it does nothing to help. Is there a solution?


Churches should build Community Schools. Not those private schools that their own tithe paying members cannot afford to go to. Churches school build leaders within their host communities through scholarship and mentorship programs.


Black Pastors should give some of their money to the poor. Greed is becoming a Christian Virtue.


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