6 Ugly Reasons Why Black Men Marry White Women

And How does this affect Black Women?
So you want to know why Black Men marry White Women? Are you just surprised to see the headline or are you genuinely curious as to this developing trend? Or maybe you are a woman wondering about the true intention of the man who has declared interest in you. Whatever your reason for clicking, you will not be disappointed. Here are seven reasons why Black men marry White women… And if you are able to read the post to the very end, we discuss how this development affects Black Women.
Also, not all the Reasons are Ugly. At least number 1 is not, but as for the rest, those may depend on your opinion.
Lets start counting.
1. Love.
Yes, Love. This is not some backward, hardcore racist blog; and so we believe that love is completely blind to color or ethnicity. Love may not be the number 1 reason why Black men marry White women, but we believe that it should be the only reason why anybody, of any race or creed should get married. If you find it abominable that people of different races should love and marry each other then this site is not for you. Please click away. Also, you belong to a bygone era, and the world would be a better place without you.
The next points in this piece, however are more prosaic in nature. That means they can be called ‘ulterior motives,’ and perhaps we should raise eyebrows at them. Read on.
2. Immigration
In order to get permanent residency in many western countries a lot of Black African men have to marry citizens of that country. Here is how it works: Man gets short Visa from his African country to Europe. Man needs to get papers in order to stay on in Europe, find work so that he can repay whatever loans he may have taken to finance his trip to Europe, and then send money to his family who are happy that one of their own has left Africa. Man makes consultations and is connected with a willing White woman. They get married. European government is forced to grant man his resident permit as not doing so would be trampling on the woman’s fundamental right to love and feel loved.
But not all Black men marry because of residence permits, some are born citizens of Europe or America. The next points talk about them.
3. Career Advancement
A talented and equally ambitious Black Man can marry to advance his career. She may be his employer’s daughter, or someone in his particular field of work who offers him an opportunity to climb the success ladder. There are even rare reports of men who break off relationships and engagements in order to marry heiresses and the like. This is not a perfect world.
4. Celebrity Madness
The phrase ‘celebrity madness’ was not picked lightly. It is very deliberate. Fame does things to a person that one may not be able to understand, or explain. How can one explain what happened to Michael Jackson? Who influenced his decision to get not one, but several nose jobs? When did he decide that he was better off turning into a White man, and marrying a White woman?
Celebrity handlers can sometimes prey on their clients- making them do crazy things in the name of growing their audience.
The list of Black celebrities that have married white women is quite long. For the sake of space and time we will only mention a few.
* Lionel Richie
* Kanye West
* John Legend
and so on…
5. Religion/ Philosophy
Even though the their number may not be statistically important, and even though Black Women abound in every major Religion, we must consider other (minor) religious/ philosophical/ spiritual movements. Black men have been known to enter into spiritual enlightenment groups that may not be popular with their female counterparts. As a result they may not be privileged to associate with as many Black Women as they want.
They may even feel that the Black Women they meet just do not understand them. Or that the women are not on the same level of consciousness as they are.
They may then meet White Women at a temple or lodge, and just fall in love. This is non of our business!
The next point is my personal favorite.
6. The Law of Attraction!
Borders and Barriers are fast becoming obsolete in this world in which people are increasing brought together by ideals as against geographical location. An example is a British woman named Mary Slessor who nearly a hundred years ago left her native country to serve as a missionary in Calabar, South-Eastern Nigeria. She is famed for stopping the killing of twin babies in the Region. Mary Slessor lived and died in Calabar, adopting many children. If she had not been a missionary, surely she would have married.
No doubt there are countless European women doing some humanitarian or naturalist  work in Africa. From the Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) to the ‘Feed the Hungry African Kids Foundation’- Such Conscious Souls abound. These people have grown beyond hate or racial bias and once they feel connected there is nothing to stop them from marrying anybody they like.

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How Does this Affect Black Women?
Black women are complaining that White Women are ‘stealing the best picks among the young eligible Black Bachelors’. That is exactly as in was put in a Forum on Facebook where this writer was once a member.
To be honest it seems they have a point. Many Black women are in abusive relationships, or in relationships with men who are just not responsible. Of course they have the right to dream about one day meeting a rich and famous Black man who will give them a life of luxury and enjoyment. But then they have to wake up to the reality that Kanye West and John Legend have both been taken by White Women.
What is to be done? This writer does not know! You may please share your views and ideas in the comments section.

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