Ladies: This is How You Can get Him to Beg you for Marriage in a Few Weeks

proposetomarryWhy He Has Not Proposed to Marry You
This article is only for those who are sure that they have found Mr. Right. As you may have noticed, however, finding Mr Right, and getting him to settle down are two different things. It is perhaps for this reason that some ladies, even after finding Mr. Right, still go ahead to marry Mr. Wrong, and then elect to endure whatever consequences may come with it.
But marriage should be enjoyed, not endured. First, it is a good Idea to be absolutely sure that you have landed the Right guy. And when you are very sure about that, we explore the reasons why  your Mr. Right may not be proposing soon, and What TO DO ABOUT IT.
1. Money:
This is the most common excuse among men. ‘I don’t have enough money,’ They keep saying. But how much is enough money? And when are they going to think they have enough of it to settle down?
The truth is that the issue is more psychological than physical. Men fear the future. They fear that they may not be able to cope with the expenses of running a family… Very reasonable, considering the escalating cost of living in most cities.
So are YOU an Expensive Wife?
What kind of phone do you use? How do you dress? What kind of cars do you like? Do you Club? How much do you like to Spend when you Party?
Is your Perfume collection worth more than his wardrobe? Do you spend more money on restaurants than he spends on groceries? Do your answers to the above questions indicate that you would make a great couple, and not fight over money management?
You don’t even need to own an expensive car or phone… You just need to desire these flashy things, and you just need to give a little hint that you like these nice things. That’s pretty much all it takes to give a man very cold feet as he starts to fear that he cannot give you the life that you deserve.
So What Do You Do?
It seems like you have two choices:
A. Only date very rich guys who can give you the things you want.
B. Stop liking nice things. Some would opt for pretending but…
Pretending is not an option because you may not do it very well, and in the end you may further complicate things.
If you decide to go with option 2 then you may be as vocal about it as you can without sounding desperate. Here are some tips:
* Tell him you have no need for material things, and that you are quite content with what you have. You can safely do this during a conversation, especially when he expresses his feelings of inadequacy.
* When you see him spending more than necessary, (men sometimes do this to impress women) tell him you think he has spent enough. Or that you can manage what you have.
* When you see an opportunity to support him, take it. You don’t have a lovely pink wallet for nothing do you? Or that pretty Credit Card is not useless, is it? By reaching for it every now and then you show that you can be an asset… Someone to rely on. Everybody needs someone like that in his life.
Money is not the only factor of importance in this matter, let us look at something more important:
2. Religion:
Religion is perhaps the biggest obstacle to love and marriage that exists in the world today. And that is quite stupid considering the fact that non of us have ever seen God or the Devil. Still, many relationships continue to crash and burn because of Religion. Either the guy believes that the girl will not accept him because of his religion, or the girl believes that the guy will not take her serious because of his religion.
Sad and serious as this may be, it is quite easy to solve. The girl can take care of this by doing the following.
* Make him know that you are not unduly attached to Religion. Say it. Let him hear it from time to time.
* Offer to go with him to his Religious functions from time to time. You could even consider making the permanent switch. That way, you eliminate the problem completely.
* Invite him to your religious events. Not with a view to forcefully convert him. He could run away.
Let us go on to the next factor. One that you entirely control.
3. Your Character:
A man can propose to a lady within weeks of meeting her. But something needs to happen first.
* He has to see in you the qualities that he is not used to seeing out there. He has to see a surprising amount of humility, gentleness, warmth and realness that makes him panic into action. He has to see that if he does not take action and wife you immediately he is going to lose the opportunity of a lifetime.
We have often stated that beauty is like aroma to food. It gets our attention and brings us to the table, but it is the taste- your character that keeps a man wanting more. Nobody keeps eating an overly salty meal just because it smells good… Nobody marries a woman because she knows how to apply eye shadows and lip stick.
You have to show yourself to be a friend, a partner, and a bloody good cook.
Of course we are not all born as perfect ladies, some of us have to learn to make ourselves into the attractive damsels that every guy wants. It can be compared to learning a new language- tricky, but very possible.
It is possible to get a man to PROPOSE AFTER SIX WEEKS OR LESS.
4. Housekeeping Skills
Men are dirty animals. But men may be the only dirty animals that appreciate clean and conducive environment! So it may be a good idea to learn how to keep your living environment clean and inviting. That does not mean only the Living and Bed-rooms, but also the kitchen and toilets. Dirty clothes should be neatly put aside, while laundry should be done routinely.
As a matter of fact I have never heard of a man who was able to resist a woman who did his laundry prudently. Maybe men have a natural need for laundry-women.
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