The Illuminati: God’s Kingdom of Poverty and Slavery?

The Illuminati: God’s Empire of Poverty and Slavery?
This article is for mature and serious minds only. If you clicked on this post expecting to see photoshop pictures of people drinking blood, having horns and wearing capes then please click away. This piece contains useful information for  people who are aware and awake.
The Purpose of this article is to expose the powers that enslave and impoverish us in the name of God. At the end of this article you should see why it is better to follow God and not Religion.
The Word ‘Illuminati’ will come up in this article more than once. But this is not a Conspiracy Theorist website; we use it because we could not find a better word with which to describe [them]. We recognize the fact that they cut across all sides of the Globe, and almost all Religious and Cultural Divides. We also believe that they are quite organized. We believe they are after one thing: Power. Let us look at them one after another.
Islam: The Religion of Peace
The Arab Royals who are the Paramounts of Islam are famous for the extravagant, lavish lifestyles they live. But what do they do to their followers?
They ruin their lives by making them foot soldiers in a never ending ‘holy war’. They call it a Jihad. Apparently, the objective of this Jihad is to impose the Sharia Law on the World. The names may be different: Alqaeda, Isis, Boko Haram and so on, but all these are arms of the same Organization with the same Ideology. Behind the different Names and Flags, they are fighting for the same thing: Conquest of foreign peoples and lands, and bringing them under Islamic rule. Logically, they must get their logistics, weapons, funding, and protection from the same Source.
In Africa they have succeeded in creating a humanitarian catastrophe! The media focus in recent times has been Nigeria where Tens of Thousands have been killed, and Hundreds of Thousands have become Refugees! They have abandoned farms and businesses to depend on handouts from humanitarian organizations while living in unsanitary conditions. Public outrage was sparked with the abduction of over 200 school girls, by Boko Haram Jihadists. What happens to these girls is too fearful to speculate. Lives are being ruined in the name of God.
Every town that falls to the Jihadists (Alqaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS) means that the domain of Islam is expanding.
* More people on the yearly Pilgrimages … Their tourism industry grows.
* More people buy their Religious and Indoctrinating Literature.
* More People buy their clothing and textile, including beauty products in an effort to look like them.
* Their Airlines Thrive
* Commerce Grows
One can visualize the Arab Royals popping Champagne as they receive the news of the expansion of their Empire. They are using God ‘Allah’ to enrich themselves, while killing many, and impoverishing more in the process.
The Illuminati does not exist only in Islam. They are everywhere in the west.
The Illuminati in Christianity
Traditionally, Rome is the home of Christianity and the seat of Authority in the Christian World. No doubt much of this power has waned as Protestant and/or Pentecostal churches have taken a share of the Populace.
Still, the situation is almost identical (less violent, yes but identical) to the enslavement in Islam.
The transfer of wealth from the People to the Clergy is unbridled, unchecked, even unbelievable.
There are too many avenues by which the people are relieved of their wealth. They pay a monthly fee consisting of Ten Percent of their Income. It is called a Tithe. They are also made to pay unspecified amounts of money at every church meeting- these are called Offerings.
There are an innumerable amount of Spiritual items which are sold to the laity. These include Candles, Crosses, Holy Water, Chaplets and Incense.
Bibles, Hymn books and other Literature are sold to the members at a profit.
The Modern Church also sells CDs which may be sermons or motivational messages, Dramas and Musicals. They also sell tickets to shows and concerts.
At the end of the day, without his knowledge, the poor Church member has forfeited more money than he can bear. The money is extracted with the instruction that ‘God Loves a Cheerful Giver,’ and that he will be rewarded for his generosity with an unexpected windfall of cash.
What is happening here is that they take ‘small’ from many unenlightened people, and with that they amass wealth with which to buy mansions and luxury jets.
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Winners and Losers
The Winners are the Rulers of Arabia, and the Church Leaders of Both Europe and America who own vast Empires lasting from generation to generation.
The Losers are the ordinary people like you and me. Particularly the People of the Black Nation who have been enslaved literally and figuratively.
As conquered nations pay taxes and Tribute to their colonial masters so is Africa milked of its wealth which goes abroad in the form of Tithes and Contributions to the Churches which often have their Headquarters abroad.
Every year, our people embark on Journeys to ‘Holy Lands’ in the Middle East. These pilgrimages cost a lot of money. Sometimes these journeys are funded by the governments of Africa- Governments who often have millions of malnourished children lacking the basic necessities of life. This is how far our madness has gone!
The biggest losers are those who lose their lives fighting for a Religious Ideology that does nothing for them.
By extension we all lose. Our communities suffer, and our people continue to be enslaved.
What Can We Do?
We should stop being fools. God does not drop money from the sky. We should save up our money and look for good investments to grow wealth.
We should stop Giving our money to Religious Institutions that are already too Rich.
Fight Religious Indoctrination that incites to violent behavior.
Invest in Education so that the next generation does not have to live as we do.
[Article End.]
Many People are Turning to Atheism. Do you Think they are Right?
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